Unreal Engine 4

DMX Light Show by ViZmo Designing Motion

I present you DMX Light Show, by ViZmo Designing Motion.

First time I see UE for this kind of animation / presentation. The result is VERY cool and convincing. The music is a well chosen track, it as lot’s to offer 🙂

Really great work!!! 😀

The Black Swan by Gianpietro Fabre

The Black Swan, is a lovely cinematic made by Gianpietro Fabre. Models and materials looks awesome! Really like the splash / waves effect of how water react to the movement of the ship 🙂 The music fits like a glove too. Really awesome work 😀

Lovebirds by Arthur Tasquin

Lovebirds by Arthur Tasquin, a awesome look & feel environnement with a amazing music track and professional video editing 😀 Only word fitting for me is WOW! Epic forum thread right here 🙂