Unreal Engine 4

Ancient temple ruins + Temples of Cambodia by Scans Factory

Ancient Temple Ruins and Temples of Cambodia are asset packs made by Scans Factory available on Epic Marketplace. They’re presentation are so well made and the environment so astonishing, they deserve to get more publicity! Enjoy 😀

Contamination zone by Tristan Voulelis

This is the updated version of ‘Contamination zone’ made by Tristan Voulelis, love it 😀

Stevie’s corner on Facebook

Hello everybody 😀

I have been a member of the Unreal Old Friends (UOF) group since its inception. However, since the early days of UT4, I have remained the only active member of the group. We have a UOF Facebook page of which I am one of the administrators but since I am the only one to create and share stuff on this page, it was time to create my own Facebook page. UOF page won’t get any new stuff from now on from me so don’t hesitate to follow / subscribe on my new Facebook page 😉

Space fruits by Michel Lanoie

Space fruits by Michel Lanoie blows me away in all regards 😀

Honor by Yonathan Moreda

Honor by Yonathan Moreda. Remind me a bit of Mortal Kombat 😀

Trailo by Omid Ghajar

Trailo by Omid Ghajar is a real-time ray tracing cinematic automotive of Koenigsegg Agera created and fully rendered in Unreal Engine 4 with RTX and DLSS 2.0.

Bliss, music video by Jeremi Jędroś

Jeremi Jędroś made the music video using UE4 for this song ‘Bliss’, which I really like 😀

House in the forest by Максим Чичка

House in the forest is a superb scene with lovely music made by Максим Чичка 😀