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UE4 Real-Time characters page added

I’m a fan of those kind of videos, Real-Time character rendering. Over the past few years, I have seen a lot of videos designed by different authors featuring awesome characters and using the Unreal engine. I told myself that it’s time to have a page dedicated to all these characters who use Unreal Engine as a rendering engine. It is available at your right under UE4 section.

The criteria that I set for myself for these characters to be part of my collection are as follows: the video must have a nice soundtrack that fades at the end or the character is talking and the camera play must be interesting given that it is about presenting a character and not just displaying a technical achievement.

The page doesn’t have a plethora of video but I’ll add more over the time 🙂

Site updates

Hello readers 😀

In case you didn’t notice, under UE4 in the right side menu there is 2 more pages. Brief :

Architectural Visualization (or Archviz) as been added.
Cinematics as been added.
Cinematics and environments is now Environments.

I’ve made those additional pages to really separate the content to specific categories 🙂 I’m also a big fan of CGI animations. while it as nothing to do with Unreal Engine, I might add a page in the top menu about this subject…

Site update

Hello my readers 😀

In case you didn’t notice, the top and right side menu as changed a bit. In fact, I’ve created a Substance Designer free HQ materials page under the renamed Tools and resources page 😀 The following pages : UT3 resources, UDK resources, UE4 resources, UE4 links (guide, tut), Softwares and assets have also been moved under Tools and resources. You might need to update your bookmarks 😉

As you can imagine, those changes are to help the community found the right tools for their needs for 3D content, sounds and music creation using free or costly online and standalone software. Hope you found it useful 🙂

Site updates 6

Hello readers,

In case you didn’t notice, the main menu as changed a bit. In fact, I had a Programs page that was under the 3D/ Art / LD main menu. This page as been very much extended and it is now located directly in the main menu under the name Software tools and resources 😀 As you can imagine, this page is to help the community found the right tools for their needs for 3D content, sounds and music creation using free or costly online and standalone software 🙂

Main menu other changes :

Unreal Development Kit = UDK
Unreal Engine 4 = UE4
Unreal Tournament = UT

Categories changes :

Blueprint = all posts related to Blueprint.
UE3/4 = related to the Unreal Engine evolution, most often news from Epic and partners.
UE3/4 Stuff = related to all projects made with the Unreal Engine.

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 9

I constantly check for new UE4 tuts by Epic and many as been released since 4.7 and 4.8. Many tuts as been redone and new tuts as been made to reflect the 4.7 and up changes. Brief, I pass trough all Epic tuts and update all the links I have in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page. In all, 113 links and descriptions have been added / changed. It took me a considerable amount of time to be honest but at least, it is up-to-date 😀 Those are the changes I’ve made. Enjoy 🙂

UE4 Editor (4.7)

01 – UI overview
02 – Viewport navigation
03 – Orthographic views
04 – View modes and show flags
05 – Placing objects in your level
06 – Moving objects
07 – Rotating objects
08 – Scaling objects
09 – Moving with the camera
10 – Intro to the content browser
11 – Customizing the Unreal Editor UI

Creating a level (4.7)

01 – Intro
02 – Geometry layout
03 – Adding windows and doors
04 – Applying materials to geometry
05 – Adding support meshes
06 – Decorative supports
07 – Building the glass walls
08 – Setup for the sliding door
09 – Blueprint doorway Pt1
10 – Blueprint doorway Pt2
11 – Adding props and lighting

Blueprint (4.8)

01 – Blueprint introduction
02 – Turning on a light with level Blueprint
03 – Toggling a light with the Level Blueprint
04 – Creating a class Blueprint
05 – Adding components to a class Blueprint
06 – Adding functionality to a class Blueprint
07 – Using inputs to control a class Blueprint
08 – Add construction script customization
09 – Level editor component workflow
10 – Blueprint favorites

Site updates 5

A little post to let my readers know there is a new page under the UT4 section 🙂

I think that CTF players will be more than happy to easily discover all UT4 CTF custom maps from 1 simple page 😀 This page will contain the complete list for UT4 CTF custom maps. The idea is to regroup the finals and all the others (Alpha / Beta / Release Candidate) in 1 page like I did with my All UT3 CTF / Greed custom maps page. You will find a gigantic list of finals and work in progress (non finals) maps 🙂

Site updates 4

A little post to let my readers know there is a new UT4 section which is a mix of external links and pages on my site. At this moment, there is what you’ll find :

Custom maps fav.
This page will contain all maps that I’ll consider as ‘a must’ for UT4. There is only 1 custom map that is final at the moment but there are many, many to come under the WIP section 😀

Custom music fav.
Even if the actual game status is in pre-alpha, incredible music tracks as been released. I can’t imagine how many awesome music tracks I’ll enjoy listening in the upcoming years of UT4 !

Remakes for UT4
Same idea as my All UT99 / UT200x remakes for UT3 page. But this time, it will contain more than maps… expect to have the complete list of remakes for UT4 which will contain maps, vehicles, weapons and so on.

Official guides
The official guides to learn to play the game. Even for experienced players, there are new moves to learn 😉

Official content
Since the game is a close collaboration between Epic and the community, it is very interesting to see how things are made and how it evolve over time. While the final version of the game is planned in few years (who really knows anyway), historically speaking, it will be interesting to quickly access all the game content since the beginning of the devloppement.

UT4 blog
The official UT4 blog.

UT4 forums
The official UT4 forums.

UT4 tutorials
Specific tutorials for UT4. It can be how to customize your favorite weapon, create maps and so many things that I strongly suggest you just explore the tutorials by yourself to see how wide the possibilities are.

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 8

I check very often for new UE4 tuts by Epic and some as been recently released. They have been added to my UE4 links (guide, tut) page. The new tuts are listed below 🙂

Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI Designer
– In this series, you’ll learn UMG and Blueprints and how to create a basic inventory system.

01 – Overview
02 – Creating inventory assets
03 – Scripting and displaying player condition
04 – Creating the inventory and action menus
05 – Scripting the pickup text and inventory menu
06 – Scripting my character and pickups
07 – Custom pickups, adding animation and finishing up