Site updates

Site updates 3

I have made a few small updates about UE4 sub pages and links.

I’m constantly trying to enhance the user experience and I hope that my site will be more and more referenced so people can find a ton of stuff to discover, look at and read about 🙂

Site updates 2

In the main menu, The 3D / Art as been rename 3D / Art / LD. LD means Level Designers. Instead of having them permanently on the right side bar, I put them under a Level Designers page. That way, the right side bar is much shorter and I didn’t loose them from my site. The list of Level Designers will eventually grow so having them in a separate page will be more practical 🙂

Continuing with the right side bar, under Links, Marty’s Carnage Company as been move into the ‘News / forums’ section and renamed Unreal Carnage. The ‘3D / Art’ section as been renamed ‘3D / Textures’ section. In all, some links as been removed and replace.

I’m constantly trying to enhance the user experience and I hope that my site will be more and more referenced so people can find a ton of resources to look at and read about!

Enjoy 😀

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 7

I constantly check for new UE4 tuts by Epic and some as been recently released. In my UE4 links (guide, tut) page, 2 new sections as been added, see below in bold. Also few tuts in other sections as been added. I add a description below each section too 🙂

Blueprint Time Attack
– The basics needed to create a simple Time Attack style race completely through Blueprints.

Paper2D game
– Learn how a 2D game can be created from scratch, using Epic template as a guide and explaining each step along the way.

Unreal Tournament 4 sub page added

A reminder, under the Unreal Tournament main menu, you will find lot’s of stuff for all Unreal Tournament retail games.

Since the upcoming of Unreal Tournament 4, a UT4 page as been added with already very promising custom stuff 😀

I follow lot’s of thread in the UT4 forums and even if the release of UT4 is still very far away, the enthusiasm for the new game is simply amazing ! I’m more than happy to see veteran mappers / modders / sound designer and much more making a comeback to bring something new for UT4 🙂 Many projects (maps, music, sounds, etc) have already started and some are already finished !

So, to begin with, there are 2 sub pages wich are UT4 custom maps and UT4 custom music. Many pages will be added with the time so I strongly suggest you take a look & see what as been already started, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Here is a minimalistic UT4 wallpaper by y2k 🙂

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 6

With the release of UE4.3, Epic released many new tutorials 😀 They’re now all added in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page 🙂


01 – Particle terminology
02 – Cascade at a glance
03 – Particle level setup new
04 – Creating a sprite emitter
05 – Creating a GPU sprite emitter
06 – Creating a mesh emitter
07 – Creating a beam emitter
08 – Creating a ribbon emitter
09 – Creating an AnimTrail emitter
10 – Starter Content Particle Systems
11 – Particle LODs


01 – Overview
02 – Project creation
03 – Creating the base pickup class
04 – Creating a Battery in C++
05 – Empowering the character
06 – Creating the Power-up material
07 – Applying a Dynamic Material Instance to our character
08 – Adding to the character’s tick behavior with Blueprints
09 – Communicating from C++ to Blueprints
10 – Extending our battery C++ class with Blueprints
11 – Setting up the battery’s construction script
12 – Overriding C++ functions with Blueprints, part 1
12 – Overriding C++ functions with Blueprints, part 2
13 – Coding what, where, and when to spawn
14 – Ticking the spawn volume
15 – Setting the rules in the GameMode
16 – Game over & class interactions
17 – Coding a canvas HUD
18 – Quick changes to variables

UE4 cinematics and environments page added

This new UE4 page is the continuity for UE4 of my previous UE3 scenes and environments page 😀 The videos you’ll find in this page are projects made by individuals. They show original and HQ content, a proper audio track and a great immersion. They are very inspiring for all designers and also very interesting to watch even if your not a designer ! Good watching 🙂

Rin city train station by Rinaldo Tjan

Superminion, sun bath by Christian Hecht

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 5

Epic released 15 new tutorials. Most about Blueprint Essentials !

They’re now all added in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page 🙂

Blueprint Essentials 01, variables overview
Blueprint Essentials 02, variable types
Blueprint Essentials 03, ‘Struct’ variables
Blueprint Essentials 04, object and class variables
Blueprint Essentials 05, enumeration (Enum) variables
Blueprint Essentials 06, variable ‘Get’ vs ‘Set’
Blueprint Essentials 07, execution order
Blueprint Essentials 08, arrays
Blueprint Essentials 09, for loops
Blueprint Essentials 10, using loops: procedural level design/a>
Blueprint Essentials 11, for loop with break
Blueprint Essentials 12, for each loop
Blueprint Essentials 13, while loops
Blueprint Essentials 14, custom loops

Fun with Blueprints : Spawning dynamic objects

Also, be sure to check the “Unreal Engine 4.2 Update Preview“. It is simply AWESOME !!!

UE4 links (guide, tut) update 4

I added new links in my UE4 links (guide, tut) page 🙂 This is most of them :


8 bit pixellize

Blueprint third person game

16 – Intro to animation montage
17 – Skeleton retargeting and montage setup
18 – Animation Blueprint punching setup
19 – Playing our animation montage
20 – Using slot nodes and branch points
21 – Adding physics components for punching
22 – Creating animation notifies

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