Unreal Tournament 4 sub page added

A reminder, under the Unreal Tournament main menu, you will find lot’s of stuff for all Unreal Tournament retail games.

Since the upcoming of Unreal Tournament 4, a UT4 page as been added with already very promising custom stuff 😀

I follow lot’s of thread in the UT4 forums and even if the release of UT4 is still very far away, the enthusiasm for the new game is simply amazing ! I’m more than happy to see veteran mappers / modders / sound designer and much more making a comeback to bring something new for UT4 🙂 Many projects (maps, music, sounds, etc) have already started and some are already finished !

So, to begin with, there are 2 sub pages wich are UT4 custom maps and UT4 custom music. Many pages will be added with the time so I strongly suggest you take a look & see what as been already started, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Here is a minimalistic UT4 wallpaper by y2k 🙂

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