Polycount UT Master Challenge, winners and more!

Epic Games Art Director Chris Perna takes a look at the winners and honorable mentions in the Polycount UT Master Challenge: Concept Art. Epic Games was very excited that Unreal Tournament forum member, Gooba, walked away with top honors from both Epic Games and Polycount for his work on ‘Old Space’.

The Polycount Choice award was chosen by Drew, Seth, and Adam from Polycount under the criteria of what they felt spoke the best to Unreal Tournament and where they think the franchise is going.

The UT team also talked about the Unreal Tournament Community Event coming up this weekend. Epic Games be bringing in players, developers and artists from around the world and every generation of Unreal Tournament. Epic Games will also answered questions from the stream chat 🙂

Found out the complete list of the winners and also honorable mentions here 😀

First place: Old space by Gooba

Second place: Derelict Facility / Water Platform by Citlaet

Third place: Mid-tech Industrial by Lefaust

Fourth place: Corrosion by Lil_Elvis

Fifth place: Vertigo/Heat Wave/Day Job by Griffin

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