Site updates 2

In the main menu, The 3D / Art as been rename 3D / Art / LD. LD means Level Designers. Instead of having them permanently on the right side bar, I put them under a Level Designers page. That way, the right side bar is much shorter and I didn’t loose them from my site. The list of Level Designers will eventually grow so having them in a separate page will be more practical 🙂

Continuing with the right side bar, under Links, Marty’s Carnage Company as been move into the ‘News / forums’ section and renamed Unreal Carnage. The ‘3D / Art’ section as been renamed ‘3D / Textures’ section. In all, some links as been removed and replace.

I’m constantly trying to enhance the user experience and I hope that my site will be more and more referenced so people can find a ton of resources to look at and read about!

Enjoy 😀

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