Site updates 4

A little post to let my readers know there is a new UT4 section which is a mix of external links and pages on my site. At this moment, there is what you’ll find :

Custom maps fav.
This page will contain all maps that I’ll consider as ‘a must’ for UT4. There is only 1 custom map that is final at the moment but there are many, many to come under the WIP section 😀

Custom music fav.
Even if the actual game status is in pre-alpha, incredible music tracks as been released. I can’t imagine how many awesome music tracks I’ll enjoy listening in the upcoming years of UT4 !

Remakes for UT4
Same idea as my All UT99 / UT200x remakes for UT3 page. But this time, it will contain more than maps… expect to have the complete list of remakes for UT4 which will contain maps, vehicles, weapons and so on.

Official guides
The official guides to learn to play the game. Even for experienced players, there are new moves to learn 😉

Official content
Since the game is a close collaboration between Epic and the community, it is very interesting to see how things are made and how it evolve over time. While the final version of the game is planned in few years (who really knows anyway), historically speaking, it will be interesting to quickly access all the game content since the beginning of the devloppement.

UT4 blog
The official UT4 blog.

UT4 forums
The official UT4 forums.

UT4 tutorials
Specific tutorials for UT4. It can be how to customize your favorite weapon, create maps and so many things that I strongly suggest you just explore the tutorials by yourself to see how wide the possibilities are.

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