Site updates 6

Hello readers,

In case you didn’t notice, the main menu as changed a bit. In fact, I had a Programs page that was under the 3D/ Art / LD main menu. This page as been very much extended and it is now located directly in the main menu under the name Software tools and resources 😀 As you can imagine, this page is to help the community found the right tools for their needs for 3D content, sounds and music creation using free or costly online and standalone software 🙂

Main menu other changes :

Unreal Development Kit = UDK
Unreal Engine 4 = UE4
Unreal Tournament = UT

Categories changes :

Blueprint = all posts related to Blueprint.
UE3/4 = related to the Unreal Engine evolution, most often news from Epic and partners.
UE3/4 Stuff = related to all projects made with the Unreal Engine.

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