20 free hi-rez materials (2K) by Texture Labs

Looking for free awesome looking high resolution materials? Well, texturelabs.org is an excellent place to start looking. While they have thousands of hi-rez textures, there is only few materials packs. Browsing the site, I’ve found 2 packs, ‘TTL Generic Materials Library 1’ and ‘TTL Generic Materials Library 2’. Both include awesome looking materials!

After downloading the packs, looking at the files and directories, I’ve decided to simplify both packs by blending them in 1 pack only. This repackaging include both packs, all directories and files have been renamed, a new preview screen (from diffuse texture only) and a Readme.txt 🙂 I’ve spend like 3 hours on this small project so I hope it will be useful for my readers !

You can download this new pack from my GoogleDrive. Enjoy 😀

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