DM-Oblevia, part 1 post # 1

Meshing on Oblevia, part 1 is going good 😀 The biggest challenge is to mesh the level in the way it look and feel you’re inside a space ship 😮 I also want to see more outside so more windows are necessary. I really want to feel I’m in a spaceship traveling in hyperspace!

The scale is a bit bigger than A1. Its a small level but it doesn’t feel cramped like the original. Dodging is doable in all rooms except the corridors. After many playtests, I made the ceiling much higher so you’re not hitting the ceiling all the time. Not that I jump often but I hate to hit the ceiling when I must jump.

For the dev, this post is about showing the meshing progression 🙂 So, you see the Shock room, the mid room and the lower corridor under the mid room. Only addition in this corridor is a small armor. All weapons and ammos are the same as the original.


  1. Thanks Steve for your effort to revive this classic map!
    Nice work, it already feels like the original.
    I will try to follow the progression to the finished version.

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    1. I’m happy you like the first release bud 🙂

      And as you ask in Epic thread, this is the view of the outside, stars only :

      Also, the stars are moving, which I can’t show here in this still pic. Adding a warp effect, you will really have the feel that the spaceship is going forward 😀


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