DM-Oblevia, part 1, RC1 ready!

Meshing, music, collisions and blocking volumes are finished on Part 1 😀

I might add some few pipes in the corridors for the final. The biggest challenge I had was to mesh the level in the way it look and feel you’re inside a space ship!

For lighting, it’s the first time I use purple. I think it fits well. But I must say I had a hard time to figure out the lighting scheme. I like the actual lighting but it still a WIP. For the final version, this is my to-do-list (in no particular order) :

  • Add preview screen.
  • Add sounds (computer, engine, fan, etc.).
  • Add VFX (smoke, steam).
  • Add text decals (like B30, chambers, etc.).
  • Add local fog (fog in the spaceship only). I’m looking for a tutorial for that!
  • Finish lighting.
  • Fix bug if any (it depend on players feedback…).
  • Make the readme.

I’m happy to share this version with you all. Now you’ll have a better taste of what I had in mind since the beginning 🙂


  1. i think this is the first ut4 map where the artwork matches up with the theme perfectly without visually or geometrically getting in the way.
    im looking forward to running around it with an ambient sound pass to sell the atmosphere.
    i’m not sure about the tim seals track, it feels a little too “happy” for a spaceship heading into oblivion – but that’s probably because i’m so used to the dirty nether track from ut99.
    but that’ll probably sit in the background with the ambient sound pass anyhow.

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  2. The whole map is looking just great!
    I really like, how you made the effects of the spaceship flying through space.

    Just an idea: What do you think of replacing the 50armor with the belt?
    That would make quite the battle over it on such a small map 😀

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    1. THX 😀

      The “warp / stars ” effects was very long to make. It took me like 5 – 6 hours in all. But the result is very satisfying 🙂

      Well, the original don’t have any armor at all. The map size is to small to put a large armor like vest or belt but I wanted to add a small armor just to add something worthy in this tight corridor. A little bonus from the original. Beside a large armor will encourage camping which I don’t want 😉

      The final will be even better. With little issues fixed, added steam, smoke, ambient sounds, it’s really a great little map!


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