DM-Qu0 Beta 1

DM-Qu0 is my next map for 2021, it look like I just can’t take a break from mapping… lol 🙂 I’m releasing B1 before Christmas, take it as Stevie’s Christmas gift 😛

Layout is base from one of my UT2004 favorite maps. Yes I have a ton of classic maps 😉 The original is a duel map, this one isn’t really different. You can play with 6 players max depending of their skills. This is the shell map only. With the meshes, it will be a bit smaller so gameplay will be “tighter”.

In case you didn’t notice, I always release my maps the friday, but since I’m in vacation, it’s like friday every day, ha ha!! Head over UTCC to download it. PS:

  • You can get out of the play area of the map by the roof using the translocator. I didn’t bother adding blocking volume.
  • You can also enter in caveats in the walls. Those caveats had meshes in it. Eventually, all walls will be meshes and covered by blocking volume to permit walldodge and wallrun.
  • The lighting is the original one. There is no need at this point to start working on the lighting.
  • Except the shell, pickups and the music track, there is nothing else.

Poste your feedback here plz! Have fun 😀


    1. Hé hé 😀

      You had the time to play B1, I was looking at your replay while drinking my coffee. Damn bud, it’s a duel map first, your replay is a real massacre LOL!!! 😀

      I would like to see you playing against godlike bots and without translocator. It force the players to use the lift to escape and it change the gameplay drastically 🙂


  1. Duel indeed and 14 bots will be on the menu. 🙂
    As for no TL.. that’s like take’n the U from the T.. just not gonna happen anytime soon. Maybe sometime.. experimenting with the next version of TL maybe.
    Godlike Bots.. careful what you wish for mon ami. There are clans still alive to tell the tale of being sMoKeD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 14 bots…. wow! LOL I want to see that 😀

      You make me almost cry of launching with your “playing without TL” ! ! ! Like it’s a absolute must in life rofl!I mean, come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to sacrifice a virgin LOL 🙂

      Anyway, replays are always cool to watch, specially with you sMoKiNg everyone in the level 😛 😉


  2. LoL.. sacrifice is correct there steve. It’s a matter of Identity, a must in life! Use any and all means disposable to win the Tournament. Like the lady said, “A cabal of the most… in known space..” 🙂

    Being that time of year again does grant you some for such a nice present.. so how about I not TL during a match, how does that sound? HoHoHo 😉


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