DM-Cruel final Release!

DM-Cruel is my last map for UT4 in 2020.  Head over the map page for download.

For feedback, please post your comments at my map page. It will be your way of showing your support 🙂

Many things as been done for the final. The most important are :

  • Added BV’s so it provide a better flow around some walls and also small areas where more BV’s was needed.
  • Added decals for lifts (arrows + caution bars at exit).
  • Deleted unnecessary meshes.
  • Made many materials adjustments.
  • Reduced the fog a bit (from 0.008 to 0.005).
  • Set individual culling values on many, many meshes, few thousands in all.
  • Create LODs on most meshes to obtain more FPS. This as been a very long process!
  • Perform few full lighting build (production quality).
  • Tweak the custom Jumpad so it look prettier in Epic mode. In all other quality mode, the LODs are more aggressive so the effects are looking more rough.
  • Tweak the spark particle near the Sniper pickup.

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