DM-Qu0 Beta 2

I made few pickup changes to DM-Qu0. Brief :

  • Removed 50 armor.
  • Replaced Vest armor by Belt armor. Total armor = 150.
  • Remove Grenade Launcher and ammos.
  • Move the Rocket Launcher so it’s not directly under the UDamage. It’s closer to the Sinper rifle and Lighting gun areas.
  • Move the vials that was under the UDamage to the previous Grenade Launcher spot and add 1. Total health = 120.
  • Move some pickups a bit.

The flow is better now with all those small changes and matches are even more intense! Post your feedback here plz! Have fun 😀


  1. Oh my.. What a wonderful way of starting off a new year! Intense is good. 🙂

    Keep in mind Steve update’n a map means that the replays for the previous version won’t work as SSD space is limited, holding only the latest version. We also have a map bug that causes visual artifacts.
    This is fixed by keeping only one (latest) version of the map in your UT Downloadedpaks folder.

    BigUp for the Update (I’ll put it up in 2021 😉 and Have une Merveilleuse Nouvelle Année!

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    1. Hey bud 🙂

      It’s fine with me. Anyway, I want players to always play the latest version. In general, there is no point of having more than 1 version of the same level.

      Happy new year to you too. Love and health for you mon ami !!!!! 😀


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