DM-Valas, post # 6

Valas dev is almost done. I made many pickups changes to balance more the map 🙂

I’ve receive some suggestions on Unreal Carnage discord, suggestions that are more focused for competitive playing than casual gaming. Last week, I had the intention to satisfy the competitive crowd with a CE (Competitive Edition) version. Now, forget it. Why?

I’m kindly asking for feedback about item placement to satisfy the community, because for me, I have no interest to play that version, and on discord, only 2 players give me worthy suggestions while all the rest, zero constructive feedback 😦 To resume, they said remove this, remove that, remove this this & that that and even then, we MIGHT play it online but won’t be a serious map for competitive matches! Wow, this is so motivating, and push me even more to share my maps with the community… (I’m sarcastic).

To make it short, the map as been download ±15 times only, so, like DM-Thaq, little interest from the community, that is decieving, again. It would be stupid to release a map that will MAYBE be played by a bunch of players only. Not to mention that on Epic forums, I’ve received feedback only from my buddy ÐutchSmºke and Florin Biziitu at my blog, THX both 😀 A total of 5 players give me a worthy feedback so far!

So no, forget the CE, forget me on discord, forget me on Epic forums after the final. The only place I’ll post something is here, at my blog.

After Valas post # 5, I started the lighting of the exterior of the map, and now, I like it. Since you can’t go outside, the only purpose of this scene is to have a nice view and with the windows glass, you can’t really appreciate it. I might make another map with those assets after, I’ll see.


  1. Mon.. you know what I’m thinking right?.. Correct! That looks soo inviting.. soo playable.. I can already imagine the love & HeadShots I could impose on it!

    As for the rest, all I can say is there comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who won’t even cross a puddle a for you.

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    1. Ha ha, yes, I can imagine you make plenty of heads flying there!!

      Your explanation represent perfectly well the situation my friend, can’t be more true than that 😀


  2. Players often don’t know how to articulate what they mean in a way that’s useful for content creators. It can come across a whole lot worse than intended.

    Besides there isn’t much of a UT4 community period, competitive or casual! The most casual players would be newer ones who tend to play almost exclusively on Epic hubs where there is no custom content at all.

    The more competitive play tend to play (again almost exclusively) on trusted hubs many of which have hundreds of maps. Very few of those maps get played very much at all.


  3. Well, to start with, they must be something to read to after do something with that information. If no one take the time to write, there is nothing to read, so nothing to interpret 🙂

    It is sad to see that what is left of the “community” is few “old” players, like you, me and few of my UT friends. It’s those “old” players that appreciate the custom content.

    If old players as long as new players don’t play new content, don’t provide enough feedback, it mean they don’t appreciate the creators content, so, there is no reason to create anything and everybody will play only the stock content, no matter if it’s a level, a skin, whatever content.

    I understand your point, no worries. A chance I create maps for me in the first place and share it after!


    1. All why we have replays to analyse and hopefully enjoy & good to see you here as well Darksider! 🙂

      Contemplate for a moment, if the new builds didn’t break all those maps over the years, we would have a 5 year history of custom maps replays and we all know ‘TS’ knows that we know he knows exactly how many (and he’s probably in shock by sheer numbers). Not bad for a free game eh!

      You ol’mappers have made this uncelebrated UT a success.
      If the old were to pass on anything to the new then you’re already doing a fine job of that!

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