DM-Valas final Release!

Most of the time, I release my maps a friday so it start well the weekend. But anyway, saturday is another good day too for sharing new content 😀

There is no point of waiting more for feedback. I’m satisfied with the current map state. So I’ve decided to publish the final. For the final version of DM-Valas, many changes has been made. Head over the map page to download it.

Gameplay :

  • Add a platform in the Link room and put the armor vest there. Remade the BV’s so you can stand on the platform & go very close to the windows, like the other 2 big windows to enjoy the scenery.
  • Fix a collision issue where you can get stuck between the top of the opened doors and curved ceiling near the Sniper.
  • Made many pickups (weapons, ammo & armor) changes.
  • Made some changes to a bunch of playerstart.
  • Redone all doors bottom BV’s with individual modification if applicable. The previous BV’s was more accurate to meshes geometry but could slow down players a bit. The new one are less accurate but provide more fluidity.
  • Remove the 50 armor.
  • Set culling values on more meshes to gain more performances. That mean roughly 95% of actors have individual culling values to obtain the maximum performance possible.

Visuals & varia :

  • Add ambient sounds.
  • Corrected some spelling errors in the map story.
  • Create an organic scene for outside the map so you have a nice scenery looking at the big windows. It is not a reachable area and is perfect for distract players while they look at the scene, you can blow them to pieces in the meantime lol.
  • Enhance the decals in the ‘C’ sector, the room between the Rocket and Link, where you have health and ammo.
  • Made many material / texture / reflection box & sphere adjustments.
  • Made some subtle meshing here and there & aligned few meshes correctly.
  • Perform few full lighting build (production quality).
  • Redone the ingame preview pic.

Note: the final map is bigger because it’s prettier than before. More materials, more textures, more effects make a level bigger, simple as that. But, I’ve made all I could to make it smaller. The initial size was more than 640 MB before my optimizations.

Also note that this is my last final map for UT4 release on Discord and Epic forums. From now on, if you want my stuff come to my place, my blog. I suggest you subscribe to my blog to get always the latest information.

Let me know what you think in this post, or better, at my  DM-Valas page and add your like to it 😉 THX for your support, it mean a lot to me 🙂

Credits :

Achernar, Barsam2, ÐutchSmºke, Florin Biziitu, MoxNix, Shaddycat for their constructive feedback 😀

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