DM-Valas, post # 5

I’ve receive some good suggestions on Unreal Carnage discord, suggestions that are more focused for competitive playing than casual gaming. I’ve decide to release a CE version (Competitive Edition) after the final to make happy the competitive crowd 🙂 The only feedback I’ve receive from Epic forums as been from ÐutchSmºke, which I THX him a lot 😉

Meanwhile, I was having a hard time to dress up the scenery of this map, the outside view if you like. I had few ideas, I’ve tried many meshing style, like industrial or urban but couldn’t found something that I like. I choose a organic scenery instead. After many hours of work and many, many coffee lol, I built this scene :

I like it but isn’t finished yet. Therefore, the issue I have is the file size… which I did a bunch of trial / error to compress the textures the more I could without sacrificing the visuals. First builds was around 650 MB, and after many tweaks, the map still weight 470 MB 😦 I know, it’s big, you don’t need to tell me and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be that big. R1 weight 312 MB but the scenery is completely empty so it would be a bit bigger after some meshing in the end because I wouldn’t leave the scenery completely empty for a regular version. Still, for the CE version, I will leave it empty.


    1. Hé hé, yep, it’s the jungle pack. I only use a fraction of the meshes in this pack. It’s also the default materials. Didn’t change anything.


      I started the lighting after the post and the scenery look much better 😀


        1. Lighting + PostProcess I can say. For the lighting, I always use several roughness values so it have even more impact on rough surfaces like rocks. Since there are few point light with various roughness values, it create that look. PostProcess make thing pop more too.


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