DM-Valas R1 Release!

I’m working on this level since few weeks now and I’m rather satisfied with the actual state. Gameplay is great and visuals are looking good 😀

Only thing left to do is to ‘dress up’ the outside of the map (which I have no idea what I’ll do yet) and maybe fix issues I didn’t saw and add stuff from the feedback you’ll give me… yeah you! Since the outside of the map isn’t related to gameplay and is only a cosmetic thing, it’s time to share the map with the 5 persons on the planet who play my maps. At least, that is my impression 😛

Head over DM-Valas page to get all the details and download link 🙂

Note, for all my maps I use Temporal AA since it offer the best visuals. Also, before you play it, know that I made all I could to optimise the map for max FPS. My average FPS is 100 playing in 1440 on Epic settings. I hope it run well for you!

Enjoy, happy w-e and let me know what you think 😉


  1. Keeping that bar High again here Steve! Even those with a R9-380strix can still enjoy this @60FPS.

    Only 5 eh.. this would explain the euphoric feeling you get when you play it. Just like trodding through the forest of games/maps and coming across some Pure Quebec Gold.

    Vous avez mes remerciements pour votre dur travail. Highly Appreciated how you strive at showing UE4 is alive and well.

    Keep It Up!

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    1. THX for your post my friend, I really like the positive vibe it spreading among the 5 of us LOL! Indeed, it’s so euphoric 😀

      I do my best my friend, I do my best 🙂


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