DM-Chroma, final release!

R1 of DM-Chroma as been in the wild for few weeks and now and it’s time to make it final 😀

This is what as been done for the final version :

  • Fix the lift weird shadows in sector 4, Belt room. I’ve notice a odd rendering issue on this lift.
  • Add ambient sounds all around the map with custom sound cues.
  • Add some blocking volumes at many door steps so the steps are smoother.
  • Perform a full lighting build, production level quality. I also fixed some minors lighting artefacts here and there.
  • Removed the ‘checkerboard’ material and replace it with the ‘remove surface’ material to reduce memory usage.
  • Modified all master materials so when playing on low and medium quality, the map look and perform better than in R1. Still, the changes doesn’t affect playing in high quality. The pics below shows the difference playing in low, med and HQ :

Sector 2

Sector 5

I’m happy to share the final with the community 😀 Have fun 🙂

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