Epic Games and Quixel join forces to empower creators

This is quite a biiiiiiiiiiiiig news for anyone who would like to use AAA assets but don’t have the money to afford them 😀

Like in my case, I map for fun and always like to use new assets in a new map. Therefore, since the UT4 editor is really old, it’s quite a pain & a long process to recreate everything from scratch in the editor since I simply can’t export / import them easily from UE4 Editor to UT4 Editor, specially the materials. And HQ materials are very complicated to recreate when starting from scratch 😦 Here is the original announce :

“Today we are thrilled to announce that Quixel, creator of the world’s largest photogrammetry asset library and bundled toolset, has joined the Epic Games family!

Founded in 2011 by Teddy Bergsman and Waqar Azim, Quixel is headquartered in Sweden, and over 100 employees across six countries worldwide are joining the Epic Games team. Quixel’s products include Megascans, an extensive library of 2D and 3D photogrammetry assets, supported by companion applications Bridge and Mixer

Around the world, leading game developers, filmmakers, and visualization specialists use Quixel Megascans assets to craft blockbuster games (Metro Exodus, Destiny 2, Battlefield V), animated entertainment (The Jungle Book, Black Panther, The Lion King, Pacific Rim: Uprising), and lifelike scenes through high-quality content and access to a vast array of tools. 

“Building photorealistic 3D content is an expensive endeavor in game development and film production. By coming together with Quixel to make Megascans free for all use in Unreal Engine, this level of artistry is now available to everyone from triple-A studios to indies,” said Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney.

“Our mission at Quixel has always been to make the world more accessible for everyone through ultra-high resolution scanning. As part of Epic Games, we’re now able to accelerate this vision as we grow the Megascans library, speed up the development of Bridge and Mixer, and improve integrations with all major 3D software and renderers,” said Quixel Co-founder Teddy Bergsman.

As part of making the Quixel Megascans library of more than 10,000 assets free for all use with Unreal Engine, ten high-resolution packs have been shared today for free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, as well as assets from the popular Iceland collection used in the “Rebirth” cinematic short. Additional asset packs will be made available for free on the Marketplace at a future date within the Unreal Engine 4.24 release timeframe.”


    1. Ha yeah, seriously! 😀

      And did you started to use them? How do you do to import all that to UT4 without making the Editor crash constantly???

      I’m downloading the ruins collection atm 🙂


  1. Importing only crashes you if you try to importing too much all at once and don’t save everything every now and then. I’ve used them, they work fine and look great. I have them at LoD 1 making the textures 2048×2048 and I’ll probably bump them down to 1024×1024 soon.


    1. Your more lucky then me then because each time I’ve tried to import even 1 material with the textures and materials functions related, the Editor simply crash.

      I’ve made many attempts but without success 😦


      1. You can’t import materials or MFs, only the textures, then you have to remake the mats and MIs yourself by hand.


        1. I never had real problems importing SM & TX before but this is the easy part. I already use custom assets since few maps back but recreating everything each time really piss me off. I thought you knew a way to import Mats + MF’s + MI’s without having to recreate everything from scratch because Mats + MF’s are really long to redo.


          1. Well for this one, I’d already done the master materials for some free Megascans assets a while back, so I just reused those. 🙂

            There weren’t a whole lot of MIs either so it went pretty quickly.


            1. That’s cool then 🙂

              I’ve downloaded the Meadows pack, the assets look good but it’s not the best looking foliage assets I’ve seen. I’ve download the Ruin pack which is very big (+13 GB) but the assets look awesome 😀 Now, its the Abandoned Factory pack that I’m downloading and I’m eager to see the included assets in real time!

              And will you release a map that have those new assets in it? I’m curious to see your work with those assets 😀


              1. I’ll probably use a few of them here and there eventually. No plans to make a map specifically to showcase them.


              2. The pack I really want to see isn’t released on the marketplace yet. 😦

                The sci fi pack one of the Quixel guy used to remake Halo’s Blood Gulch in UE4. Though I’m not expecting it, It’d be even better if the map is included with it!


                1. Ah, well, I’m interested to see the assets in your future maps 🙂

                  This remake is so freaking awesome looking, incredible! My kind of visuals 😀 But indeed, I doubt we’ll see this map even if the assets are coming available one day.


                  1. I’ve already dowloaded the sci fi collection he used to make that with and converted it to UT4. Unfortunately that doesn’t get me the custom assets he made in UT4 from them… Materials, blueprints, etc.

                    Megascans bridge makes it really easy to get any assets you want into UE4.15.3 and it’s quite a bit easier to port assets from that to UT than from later versions of the engine.


                    1. Ah, THX for the info 🙂


                      I’ve download / install Bridge but when I’ve try to import the assets in UT4 Editor, it ask me to choose a plan but it suppose to be free for 30 days… 😦 Stuck there since it seem to be no free plan, use for hobbying.


                    2. Sign in with your epic account. That’s an option both in bridge and on the website. Once you do that it’s all free perpetually.


                    3. I did connect with my Epic account first. It didn’t worked. After, I subscribe to Quixel and same, the content isn’t available freely 😦

                      I don’t know what’s wrong honestly!


  2. I picked that one to convert first because it’s not too big a pack and I can always use more good looking foliage assets.


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