Next map, DM-Coda

So, now that DM-Chroma is almost done, it’s time to build something awesome again 😀 Chroma release date is November first!

To start somewhere, I’ve look at some old UT99 stock maps and I found one that I truly enjoyed playing 20 years ago… remember DM-Codex? So, I’m reusing the Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle. I also add many assets I didn’t use the last time 😀 DM-Codex is already available from the community by Metalfist here but it’s a direct UT99 port and I want to play a map that look and feel like a 2019 map should be.

To be clear, it’s not a remake. DM-Codex was a really nice map at the time, therefore, time as pass and many things can be improve by much. I intend to add more variety to gameplay and up-to-date visuals of course. There are things I don’t like about the UT99 version which are :

1. The low ceiling in many areas.
2. Few corridors are to tight and don’t worth the risk of using them.
3. Few dead zone.
4. I always found the rocket Launcher area somehow disconnected and pretty useless.
5. I like the invisibility pickup but I might replace it, not sure yet. In all case, I won’t add a door to collect the powerup.

In all, I intent to add headroom in each area, the newer weapons and remove all dead zones. Meanwhile, enjoy the very early pics (Flak area + new Grenade Launcher area), note that I’m using only 1 dull pointlight per area just to see something and once I finish meshing, I add the blocking volume :


  1. First, I like Chroma very well. Runs smooth, looks great, nothing to complain in my opinion👍😊.
    Then, i”m really glad to see you doesn”t get discouraged and keep up mapping.
    Thx a lot for that.
    Best regards,

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  2. Happy to see Chroma runs smooth on your PC 😀

    Indeed, I wouldn’t be honest if I was saying it isn’t discouraging releasing maps to the community when this community don’t care and don’t provide useful feedback. This is why alpha’s, beta’s and rc’s versions exist in the first place.

    Mapping is a passion for me and sharing my work when receiving no feedback bothers me for sure. But since I like it, I still share my stuff.

    That is why, for now, I’m releasing a pre-final and a final. That’s it.

    I will appreciate you share yous comments on Chroma page when I’ll release the final 😀



    1. I know this well, a few years ago I gave up to record and release my own CD’s due to lack of interrest. A guy involved in german music industry told me, my work is quite well done for homerecording, but sadly commercial suicide 😂.
      I’m still making music on stage, but no recordings anymore.

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  3. Ha, I didn’t know that version 🙂

    The one I was refering too is Metalfist version. I don’t found his post on Epic forums anymore, like he delete it. He made 1 post with all UT99 port and didn’t found it. Ho well, I found this link on UTCC :

    Your’s look good indeed. For a mainly made of BSP, it look very well done 😀


    1. For a while I was converting BSP to mesh in all my maps but I stopped doing that because with the way the engine handles collision causes all kinds issues with navmesh and elimination spawn generation inside solid geo that’s a real pain to work around. There are far fewer such issues when the main geo (larger walls, floors, ceiling, etc.) is BSP rather than meshes and BVs.


  4. Yeah, and there is also the fact that converting BSP to SM will generally create very poor UV’s so you must have the skills to generate proper UV’s. I did that conversion few times and never obtain some good results 😦


    1. Yeah, I’ve more or less figured out what kind of geometry the built in UV generator likes so I usually get pretty good results. And for when I don’t there’s always Blender. 🙂


      1. Well, at least you got modeling skills to help you out then which I don’t have. Maybe one day, I’ll give Blender a try when I’ll have the time to learn modeling 🙂

        BTW, I had leave a comment on your blog few weeks ago and didn’t get any answer for a problem about something I don’t remember lol? Meanwhile, I fix my problem but I’m curious to know if my question as reach to you?


        1. Haha, I wouldn’t say I have modelling skills. Far from it, I just figured out to do a few simple edits to meshes, lightmap UVs being one.


        2. I haven’t had any new comments on my blog in a while other than spam posters advertising some completely unrelated crap. I do get a few those from time to time and just send them straight to the spam folder. I checked the spam and awaiting moderation folders, your comment isn’t in those folders either.


          1. Strange because I filled up all required field 😦 Ho well, it’s lost. But, the problem I had is resolve so it’s fine. Still, what is buggin’ me is the fact that I don’t remember what is was!! I hope I won’t have the same problem again! Damn memory…


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