DM-Chroma, R1 release!

The first release (R1) of DM-Chroma is here 😀

Also, the map size is very descent, ± 325 MB. I’m very comfortable with that taking into account the extra big amount of custom assets include into this level.

If you want to post something, please, post your comments here, in this post. I won’t share it on the UT4 forums. Since only 4 players as show interest for my work.

TY and have fun 🙂


  1. Downloading now, I checked out Perihelion the other day in UT99. It’s a fairly large map and might have a lot of potential for TDM. How open are you to feedback on item selection and placement?


    1. Well, the actual layout / item placement is almost the same as the original (except Redeemer + Belt) and if I remember correctly, the community was very happy about it. This is why I didn’t really made drastic changes because I think it’s well balanced as it is and everything is where you expect it will be 🙂

      Therefore, I might make a “CE” version, a Competitive Edition if there is a serious demand. Meaning, I won’t invest to much time making a map version for 4 players for a version I won’t never play. So, brief, I’m open to suggestions that make sense for a player base that worth the extra mapping hours.


      1. Well the Elimination players won’t care about item placement.

        Anyhow I was just asking because I know the guys behind UTPL are looking for more good TDM maps but they’d almost certainly want some changes… Probably starting with no GL or Deemer.


        1. Well, if they’re interested for a CE version, they just have to contact me and let me know what they would like. If what they’re asking is doable and reasonable, I won’t mind making the necessary changes 🙂


  2. My initial impressions after a quick solo run through.

    – You nailed the scaling.
    – Collision is pretty good too. A few snaggly little bits in spots (to be expected in a first release) but nothing major.
    – Some stairs don’t quite look right. I think they’re just scaled too small in comparison to everything else (including players).

    – Grenade launcher really isn’t liked by most players.

    on all Epic settings

    – Looks pretty good though probably too shiny for many player’s taste.
    – FPS goes as low as 45 on my GTX 1070 with nothing going on.

    on all low settings

    – Looks quite bland, with no reflections black metallic materials are extremely dark (too dark imo).
    – FPS is fine, rock solid 140 FPS for me though again with nothing going on.

    Overall, good job it’s coming along very nicely!


    1. THX for this quick run 😀

      – Can you point out where the collision is problematic?

      – About the stairs, they’re all use the same scale so I don’t understand how it can look nice here and bad there? Only exception is some place have 2 stair meshes or 3 meshes but they’ell use the same scale?

      – Grenade launcher is one of my favorite weapon :p

      – I play on Epic settings and getting 60 – 120 FPS with my NVidia Quadro P4000 playing with 10 players. I don’t play on lower settings so even if it look bad, I don’t know and honestly don’t really care. Still, if you now some tricks to make materials look better on lower settings I’ll make the changes in all master materials for sure, no problem with that 😉 I’s surprise you get 45 FPS with your card because there is absolutely no VFX in the map? 😦

      There is no reflection box / sphere in the level. It’s UE4 default reflection system I’m using. I know some players don’t really like shiny surfaces but this is a personal taste.

      So, THX for this quick summary and keep the comments coming so I know where to invest my efforts to make the level run smoother on lower settings 🙂


      1. When I said nothing major on the snaggly bits, what I really meant is they’re minor. Mostly a few small pillars and such that stick out a little ways from the walls. Not really a problem, just surprising because there are some larger indents in the walls (doorway meshes actually) that have smooth collision over them. Doesn’t bother me but I can definitely see some players complaining it interrupts their wall runs.

        The stairs, it’s probably all of them but I wasn’t sure about that so I said “some”. I really noticed it on the longer higher ones.

        Hmm… According to benchmarks I should be getting somewhat better FPS than you. You must play in 1080p, I play in 1440p.

        The biggest things I know of to make things look better on low settings (particularly with SFS) are:

        – Don’t use stationary or movable lights other than for skylight and the main (atmospheric sun) directional light. Or keep their radius small and back them up with a static light for the main light in the area.

        – Avoid using very shiny, highly reflective and metallic materials. Especially dark metallic mats, they look terrible with SFS. Personally I wish SFS wasn’t an option but it’s there and a lot of players do use it. 😦

        Also, everything does look kind of similar and it’s a large map so it’s easy to get disoriented. Could use some landmarks, color variation or something to help players better and more quickly orient themselves.


        1. About the collisions ;

          All walls, most floor and ceiling have BV’s so players should’t be stopped / blocked but I might have forget a spot? I wallrun often so it should be fine everywhere unless again, I forgot a spot? But for pillars, they all have a BV around them no matter if that have a smaller mesh in front of them or not. The smaller meshes are inside the BV.

          I intent to add some BV’s at all door steps, so movement will be more fluid when you enter a area. This is on my to-do list.

          Benchmarks :

          I’ve add quality nodes in all master materials so it should look a bit better playing in low and medium settings and perform better too. At least, this is what my tests showed me. I replayed few rounds and particularly look at the FPS. In High quality, the lowest is ±70 FPS and the highest is 110 FPS against 7 bot players.

          Visual indications :

          The map feature 6 distincts aera’s. All areas are identified by number 01 to 06 in huuuge letter. You have indication on floor and walls to orient yourself, Also, you have indications (red arrows + description) in all sectors that indicate to the players in what direction you’ll reach something unique (arrivals, bridge, manutention, etc) and it’s all over the place. All areas as something useful (weapon, health, ammo or power up) and there is nom dead zone.

          I’ts funny because I see this map as a medium size level. It’s fairly comparable to all stock DM maps in term of size but you found it big. Question of perception I guest.

          THX for the lighting inputs, I didn’t know some of them 🙂

          CE version…

          I’ll gladly start to work on the CE version when you’ll grab a good amount of feedback. I’ve been on UC Discord yesterday to see if there was some comments and I sadly see that no one have posts something. Like, no one care at all and commenting a single pic… I might create a thread on Epic forums afterall if you think that it worth it and would be more appropriate for all players to leave their comment 😉


          1. I doubt posting on the epic forums will help with feedback, but if UTPL decides it has potential for league play, they’ll give you some good feedback.

            For UC, I don’t think Maul has put it up in Dallas yet and Dallas gets used a lot more than Chicago. Chicago has CTF going pretty much every night, but everything else is sporadic. Dallas usually has several Elimination, DM and Blitz going at once all night long.


          2. I kind of expected you’d say something like that regarding visual indications. The thing is what seems obvious to you (the person who made the map) isn’t obvious to someone who isn’t very familiar with the map yet.

            Been there myself before and had a hard time understanding why others had trouble figuring out where they were. 🙂


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