DM-Chroma, post # 3

The first release (R1) of DM-Chroma is very close, in fact, I’ll release it this week-end 😀

Gameplay is awesome and the level look fantastic so I’m going to share a first release which is a almost complete, near final version just to gather some feedback before the final version. Only thing missing is a audio pass and maybe some bugs / issues that I’m not aware that the community will let me know…

Taking into account the huge amount of custom assets include into this level, the map size is pretty much descent which is around 330 MB. I’m not using stock assets at all (well, yes, the sky sphere static meshe and audio lol).

I don’t think I’ll share it on the UT4 forums. Simply put, because only 4 players as show some interest so check the map page often to download it 😉

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