DM-Y z e n, now available!

DM-Y z e n is now available 😀 Please, leave your feedback in this post if you have any, good or bad 😉

Note that I didn’t work outside the play area at all. I’ll leave that for the final. A video worth a 1000 screenies they say so you have 2 to watch 🙂

RC1 environment

RC1 gameplay


  1. G’day Steve, sorry for the late reply. I have to say visuals are great, the textures and meshes go really well together. I would prefer if ammo was clustered with it’s weapon more. The large layout needs more players by default. I like the lift jumps have more than one target =).
    Personally I prefer duel maps with smaller and narrower layouts. But i accept this was not your design intention.
    Thanks again for all the cool stuff you put into your maps.

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    1. Hello m8, better later than never 😉

      What do you mean about “I would prefer if ammo was clustered”? There is already 1 according ammo nearby each weapon base and another one far away to avoid camping and favorise movement.

      Player count always depend on bots or human levels. Playing against skilled or godlike bots or very skilled humans isn’t the same dynamic at all so you can’t just load the level with a high player count if the opponents are super skilled. All my levels player count are think about playing against godlike skilled opponents 🙂 But indeed, I’ll see if a higher player count would be better by default.

      Well, the targets are very worthy my friend 😛

      The original is smaller and play well in duel. I must say that the scale is bigger than I first imagine it. After playing it intensively, I guess that it would be suitable for 4 – 6 players in DM and 8 – 10 players in TDM. Ofc, playing duel on it is very boring, I confirm 🙂

      THX for the compliment 😀


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