DM-Y z e n, will be release this friday

DM-Y z e n progress has bend very, very good in the past weeks so I’ll share it this friday 😀

Been working like a maniac on this new level playing with a brand new bunch of great looking assets. Yzen looks and sound damn awesome I must say!

I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing bots to behave as they should. Even at skilled level, they perform all lift jumps correctly and even cross the small path where 3 vials are located on a long ladder near the Sniper.

Note that I didn’t work outside the play area at all. It’s empty at the moment. I might choose to go with a cubemap instead of adding more meshes for the surrounding… I don’t know yet but it’s only esthetic and add nor change nothing to gameplay.

Be aware that the original pack weight 4.08 GB while DM-Yzen weight only 415 MB after various optimizations.


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