DM-Qu0 RC1 WIP post # 2

Dev is going well on Qu0 🙂 I play the map A LOT! I’m done with the meshing on the lower floor (Belt, RL level) and mid floor (Shock, Link, Sniper level). Now, I’ll start the upper floor (Bio, Flak, LG level). I don’t know yet if I’ll open the roof or it will be close? It depend on my “inspiration”.

The goal of RC1 is to get rid of all BSP brushes, having only assets and the final BV. I hope that bots will be able to use the lifts because it really affect the gameplay!

After, I’ll make it prettier. I’ll make it look the way I really want 😀 For example, those pics represent the RL area which I just finish the meshing and added few decals. First pic is without reflection and the second is with rough reflection. I just add a reflection sphere to have an quick idea. RC1 won’t have any reflection. I keep that for RC2 or final version.


    1. THX 😀 Yep, it’s a bit dark around the stairs (all of them). Don’t worry, I planned to add more ambient lights to cover the darker areas. This is what I meant when saying “…I’ll make it prettier.”. The goal of RC1 is to get rid of BSP by meshing all the map 🙂


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