DM-Qu0 RC1 WIP post # 1

Since Qu0 gameplay is solid with B2, it’s now time to start working on RC1 😀 The fun phase!

So, my first interrogation was which assets pack I would use? Since I like using a different assets pack from map to map, I first import the awesome Factory pack. After many long hours of making them useful in UT4, I decided to put this pack aside and started to find another pack instead. I wanted a new sci-fi look for this map (my favorite theme).

Then, I redid all the same long process to use the Spaceship interior environment set. While the assets are looking fantastics, the problem I found is that there is not enough assets to make a complete level with those without making the map visually look to much repetitive. But, I thought that some assets can be mixed with the following pack I choose in the end.

I choose the Scifi Kitbash level builder pack for the awesome sci-fi assets. While this pack as a bit more assets than the Spaceship interior environment set, it doesn’t have a huge asset choices to work with neither. I asked myself how would I be able to make a complete level without making it look boring? So, I decided to use colors this time to cut the repetitiveness. The assets materials are mostly a mix of blue, grey, red, white and yellow. It’s the first time I do that and it’s a different visual approach when your limited by assets number.

I’m pretty satisfied with the result 😀 I added detail normal map to the master materials so it look better than the original. Those are WIP pics, you can see what atmosphere it will be. I added PostProcess too. There is no reflection yet so it’s lightning and PP only. You can see that the layout is the same as the BSP version and everything as been replaced by assets. When I’ll be done with the layout, I’ll add more pipes.


  1. Well my friends, this post has been made more than 1 week ago and only you have leave a comment. A chance your there because I wouldn’t share my maps!

    I’m progressing but I have a problem with the bots using my own lift. The weird thing is that they perform lift jump to collect the UDamage (this is considered a advance move) but they don’t use the lift to travel from floor to floor (which is considered a basic move), WTH???


  2. Looks quite interesting and colorful. Judging by your previous work this is going to turn out great. Sorry to hear you have issues with the bot navigation system.
    I see your posts but I don’t always have time to reply when you post, sorry about that, don’t let it bring you down, we’re all fans of your work.

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  3. Bot nav can be a pita. Maybe it’s because the pivot point is at the front edge of the mesh. Sometimes that can cause issues with bot nav, especially if the lift mesh is flush or nearly flush with the upper exit surface. The ai seems to like it better when there’s a gap between the navmesh on the exit surface and the mesh at the top of the lift… Sometimes it works fine, other times it doesn’t.

    Weird stuff, gotta mess around with moving the mesh and/or editing the pivot point until the AI likes it.


    1. Any help is welcomed 😀

      I remade the collision of the lift and everything is looking fine. The extremely weird thing is that :

      – They do take the lift near the Shock to grab the medium healt.
      – They also make the jumplift from that lift to go at the UDamage platform.
      – I replace the jumppad near the Bio by a small lift. They use it and also make the jumplift + wall dodge to go at the UDamage platform.


      They don’t use the other lifts at all, ignoring them?

      I would understand that if the mesh or the collision was faulty, they wouldn’t use them at all but it’s not the case. The BV’s around the lifts are also ok, meaning that everything is perfectly aligned to the grid, nothing intersect.

      It may be a BSP brushes problem? Once the map will be completely meshed, I’ll delete all the brushes so then I’ll be set if it’s the case.


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