DM-Valas, post # 3

After working few hours more on Thaq base by the extremely small feedback I’ve receive from the community, it’s time to focus on another map and like all my maps, I like to build something different. Not only using a different theme from my previous maps but also try a different gameplay approach while keeping in mind UT playability and not just create a pretty level.

For Valas, I got myself inspire by DM-Stalwart, a classic UT99 map. DM-Stalwart layout is on 1 level height only with few small variation of height between areas. In valas, the layout is roughly the same height but in some areas, you have 2 level high. The theme is industrial and dirty and is relatively ‘closer’ to reality in term of visuals.

There are awesome pipes included in the Bunker pack. It would be really easy to make awesome pipeworks everywhere, but I try to limit myself not to use too much pipes for ressources reasons.

So, this time, to add details into the scene, I’ll mostly use decals instead of trying to make awesome meshwork, because yes, meshing is a form of art, which is by far more complicated than using decals. First pic is only the meshing without decals and second with the decals. For me, with the decals, the visuals reach my minimum visual standard 🙂


  1. UT4 is no longer being developed, but I did notice it is free on epic games store. I loved playing this game as a teen and its fun seeing it improved with the current engine. There are plenty of opportunities for local co-op matches I hope! I know quake is still around, but these graphics are much better and ue4 is way more sophisticated.

    Do you know if it’s possible to make very complex animations in ue4? For example, can I make very detailed movement patterns involving complex shapes and geometry or is this just not easily programmable? I am talking ‘script kiddy’ level copy and paste after seeing that this pattern corresponds with action on the screen.

    Could you make something like that? How hard is it?

    I’ve never seen the engine used in this way and would love to see it in VR!

    Also, this game is dead right? how sad.


  2. Hello,

    I can say that I’m hesitating to answer… Your question make sense but is completely out of topic. And your username is a perfect example of a spammer name. I’ll take a chance to answer but it will be the only one.

    You’re asking about complex animations in UE4? I don’t know what to say, browsing the web, you’ll find plenty of awesome animations which are base on various level of complexity models, so ‘very’ complex is somehow hard to define. I didn’t saw VR cinematic yet because I don’t own a VR kit so I can’t answer that neither.

    The only limit with any engine are skills and imagination because almost everything imaginable can be done. It only depend on the author limitation.

    I know nothing about animating stuff. Again, defining hard, while I know there a plethora of tutorials about everything UE related only depend on how much time you’re willing to invest to learn how to make stuff and not just copy-paste blindly without knowing nothing about the process involved in the background.

    For UT4, the dev as stopped 3 – 4 years ago (don’t remember exactly) but people are still playing it, which is my case or else I wouldn’t make maps for that game 😉


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