Build Your World with KitBash 3D

Just saw that in Epic news,

By curiosity, I’ve head over this new Kitbash 3D platform to understand that it is like a Magascan site but with a different content. While Megascan is focussing on organic assets, Kitbash 3D is focussing on kits that include various type of cities, space assets, etc and there is a plethora of them! They all look completely insane, quality wise 😀

This video presentation explain it very well 🙂


  1. Interesting find..

    The screenies look ok but the assets aren’t all that good.

    The materials are pretty much just albedo, RMA, normal plugged directly into the outputs and not very well aligned on the meshes. Many of the meshes have 10 or 12 materials on them too.

    The meshes are mostly very large and quite high poly but don’t use those polys very well.

    The assets look ok from far away but from closer up they don’t look very good. That might make sense if they were low poly background meshes but they’re way too high poly for that.

    Some of the textures look like they could be useful if used in better materials with parameters to adjust them.

    For $199.00 per package, I’ll pass. They’re nowhere near the quality of free Megascans and there many much higher quality packages on the UE4 marketplace too.


    1. Before publishing this article, I’ve downloaded the free Neo City pack to look this free little pack so I could use those meshes in the future but the assets aren’t showing up properly in UE 4.25.3. Thumbnails in the content browser are the default UE4 instead of showing the meshes, mat’s, mi’s, etc?

      I don’t doubt you but I’m very surprised by your comments?

      I mean, looking at the video, all packs look amazing, extremely detailed. They advertise their assets as been HQ, optimized and all. I don’t understand why they would sell all those expensive kits if their don’t worth it. Hence my surprise.

      I have all Megascans free packs and while their assets are amazing, they are limited to organic assets. For the free few ‘city, urban’ packs they offer, they are so limited, assets wise, their completely useless 😦


  2. I grabbed the free pack too, that’s the one I looked at. I just dropped it into my projects folder, clicked the project icon and it loaded up into 4.25.3

    I did have to open each mesh in the mesh editor before it loaded them and showed a proper thumbnail. Took a minute or so for each mesh.


  3. The only meshes I might use sometime would be the antenna meshes, but even then I’d have to load them into Blender to fix smoothing and probably reduce poly counts by half or more.


  4. Wow, I’m speechless!

    I mean, they look so good and the publicity sell a completely different story 😦

    That mean, I won’t use them anytime soon!


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