DM-Thaq, post # 2

Making progress on crafting up DM-Thaq 😀

Not obvious since the limited amount of the meshes included in this pack. I’m trying to make the overall look not to much repetitive but I can’t make miracle neither.

What the pack misses is deco meshes, like pipes, barrels, wires, etc. I’ve found some nice free LP pipes meshes on CGTrader I could use in this level. Like the barrel that I added founded in one of the marketplace free HQ sci-fi pack, I had to tweak the material so it look dirty and worn.

The pics are to show the geometry I’ve obtained so far and the lighting scheme using a combination of static & stationary lights with various roughness & fallout values. Quite a long process to tweak but the result is awesome 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think 😉


  1. Wow, and I was thinking DM-Cruel was looking amazing ! This is awesome. Although I mostly play the game offline with bots these days your maps are amazing.

    Can’t wait to play this and DM-Cruel as well !

    Thank you for still supporting UT4 with excellent content !

    As a side note, I’m a big Quake Champions and DOOM fan but I also play UT4. It makes me sad that Quake Champions doesn’t have a map editor and is “always online”.

    I always show your maps to Bethesda community managers when they argument that community made maps are impossible to make in today’s complex modern engines.

    I always say that with enough talent and dedication it’s far from impossible to create very high quality maps. You’re living proof that studio quality custom maps are possible when the appropriate tools are available. Yes it’s not easy and I see it takes a tremendous amount of work but I’m really tired of game studios making games as closed off “always online” services.

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  2. Hello Florin,

    Well, the least I can say is thank you very much for all your kind words 😀 It is very inspiring and motivating and I’m more than happy that some folks like you take the time to write a post like this 🙂

    Im working on both maps (Cruel and this one) at the same time, depending on inspiration. When starting a level from scratch, it take a good amount of time to figure out the layout and after placing items and finally test all that to see if it works well until the desired result is reach. In my case, since mapping is a hobby and that I’m alone from start to finish, it take lot’s of time. 95% of the time, the layout come out of my head, I have lot’s of imagination lol! Indeed, it take me months for building only 1 map. It’s a very long process, sadly 😦

    I too play offline. So bots optimization is a critical part of my mapping process.

    It take lot’s of time to build something from nothing but working with a team, even if small, with everyone speciality is much faster and with UE4 alone, you can create whatever you wish!

    I’m glad to be an mapper example for you!



  3. I see you’ve changed the lighting and atmosphere, making it feel more futuristic. I like the lighting on the ramp corridors.

    I’m looking forward to play this one =)

    Keep up the good work.

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  4. Ho, well, the previous pics was just the beginning or the basic lighting if you want 🙂

    The good news is that the meshes geometry are pretty low and I use lot’s of planes so in the end, FPS is very high which is great. I’m getting 143 FPS at the moment and I’ve build around 50% of the map 😀

    I’ll keep up my friend, I’ll keep up 😉


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