DM-Coda, R1 release!

Release 1 of DM-Coda is here 😀 It will be the only release before the final.

Be warned, map size is big, 600 MB. Therefore, taking into account the huge amount of custom assets included into this level, it’s not surprising.

To give me your feedback, please, post your comments here, in this post. I won’t share it on the UT4 forums. I hope to read ya!

TY and have fun 🙂


  1. Have you tried setting LoD bias on the normal maps higher to lower the in game resolution of them and reduce filesize?

    Probably won’t be able to tell the difference visually… Might be able to do the same for most textures, Diffuse/Albedo being the one you’ll be able to notice the most.


    1. I don’t know that setting, LoD bias? Do you have any useful links so I could read about?

      And what about the map? You don’t have anything to say about it?


      I’ve read a bit and after messing around with that setting and recooked Chroma, Chroma FPS and Coda, all files has shrunk like 50% less!!! I’ve repupload version 1.1 of DM-Chroma & DM-Chroma FPS. File size as been cut to 135 / 138 MB instead of more or less 350 MB. Yééé 😀


      1. Yup, custom textures are by far the biggest factor contributing to large files so LoD bias can lead to huge reductions in filesize. It’s basically an area equation half the resolution of a texture and you quarter the space it takes 0.5X0.5=0.25).


        1. I’ve saw that indeed after messing with that setting. That is why I’m recooking and uploading all my maps atm. The reduction is very strong for few maps 🙂 So THX very much for the tip 😀

          BTW, you still didn’t comment on the map yet… :p


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