DM-Coda R1, to be release soon

Hey all,

Release 1 of DM-Coda is near 😀

In fact, meshing, lighting, post processing, music, ambient sounds, blocking volume are all done. What remain to be done is :

1. Optimizing the map by culling meshes. This is a long process because I do that manually to get the best optimization. Culling volume won’t be useful in this type of environment. It will take me some weeks to accomplish.
2. Gather players feedback so I can fix issues, if present. I hope the community will participate in the process!
3. Make full production lighting build for the finale.

File size will be big. As mention in the map page : I’m reusing the Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle for this map and I also add many, many new assets I didn’t use the last time in DM-Chroma. I also use another new set of rock meshes for the outside / scenery of the map which I’ve showed in this post. In all, it’s a lot of textures, materials and static meshes. Which means, the final file size is rather big, sadly. It’s around 605 MB. Still, once the map is on your HDD/SSD, the size doesn’t matter.

I can honestly say that I have a great time playing on it! I truly enjoy playing TDM with 12 players 🙂 I get this old UT nostalgic feeling while enjoying new gameplay elements. For me, a good mix of old school stuff and new stuff! I plan the release for this w-e or Friday 20th. Stay tune.

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