Now that I’m done with DM-Dakylian, it is time to experimenting with new assets. I’ve started a Island type of map (DM-Lost). Dunno what I’ll do with that but anyway, enjoy the pics 😀


    1. Hi m8 🙂

      It is indeed.

      Still, there is not enough rock meshes for my taste so it’s very limiting in term of creation. Beside, there are odd lighting black shadows that appear out of nowhere after lightning build 😦 I’ve made all I could to get rid of them without success. Since the pack is free, I won’t complain.

      The level is a combination of the marketplace Modular Cliffs assets + some of DM-Aly’s materials and DM-Elik / DM-Dakylian’s PostProcess with added touches 🙂


          1. In build settings too? The reason I ask is if your mesh import settings get reset (like after an editor verify) it might be generating the lightmaps at too small a size (defaults to 64) for some of the larger meshes. Been bitten by that one a few times myself. 🙂


            1. Well, the good thing about those assets is they are compatible with UT4 4.15. So no need to export from UE4 & import in UT4. Just placing the assets under UT4 Content directory is enough, luckily. Therefore, all meshes settings are fine except the LOD’s on some meshes which I’ve remade after those lighting issue. I did check all LM and others things without any positive results 😦

              I notice that in the original demo map, the terrain cover the top of the meshes but it miss some nice pixel depth.

              But as I say, it’s only experimental and I don’t think I’ll do something about those assets or the map. Beside, I have no idea for a good layout so, bah, I’ll see.


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