Unreal Engine 3

Master Arena by Powered Games Entertainment

Master Arena, made by Powered Games Entertainment is a FPS available on Steam and is completely free to play 😀

For what I understand about the game is that it as been in dev since years, using UDK, made by a bunch of individuals who are working full time job, hence why it took so long to compete and as released the completed game yesterday.

It look like a very good FPS. Movement are not as fluid and as quick as UT4, more like UT2004. Therefore, I must say that it seem very fun to play and as the equivalence of UT in term of weapons, environments, game modes and many more aspects. There is also an editor that can be started from Steam for interested content creator 🙂

They also have a Discord channel. The devs are working hard and answer as quick as they possibly can, so if you want to share your opinion, plz, stay polite and respectful 😉

A tribute to Donkey Kong Country annoucement trailer

Do you remember the Donkey Kong Country game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the 90’s ? This game was a instant classic which I’ve played a lot in that time 😀

Well today, I’m much impress to discover that a high quality remix of this game as been completely remade by only 1 guy. Igor F. who worked on his free time during holidays and after his day job developed this game alone and made everything from scratch (modeling, texturing, animating, sounds, etc). Only the music isn’t made by him.

Of course, it took several years to complete and the game has been developed with UDK. To found out more about A tribute to Donkey Kong Country game, head over here 🙂 A tribute to Donkey Kong Country is a free, unofficial and fan-made game for PC. He will release on December 1st the first world of the game that will include 8 new levels!

The game is 13 000+ lines of code, 1 000+ game assets including 20+ characters with 120+ animations, 200+ 3D objects, 400+ textures, 30+ particles effects, 12 levels just to name few things…

Arbor Vitae by Philip Klevestav and Helder Pinto

Arbor Vitae is a UDK project made by Philip Klevestav and Helder Pinto, both very talented designer and working in the gaming industry since years.

When I’ve saw that project released in November 2013 at Epic, Mapcore and Polycount forums, I was simply amazed and hoping there would be a video for this project. Months have passed and there isn’t any and there won’t be neither. So, I post pics instead so you can discover the project and also download the level here to see how it was done 🙂

Subway station by Gaëtan ‘GoSsS’ Montaudouin

Just discovered another HQ UDK project that I wanted to share 😀 Found out more about him here 🙂 You can also check his DEV on Polycount. I can say that… I’m impress once again !

Realtime Antarctic Time by Anton Migulko

One word came to my mind when I watched the video… majestic !!!

From Anton; “Little big update for my Antarctic project. Little because not much difference in layout from the old one, big because so much of new things in shaders, its logic, sharing values, etc.

Find out more about him at his blog 😉

The machine: UDK Sci-fi cave environment by Chris Zukowski

Another fabulous project to watch 😀

From Chris; “Everything you see was made entirely by scratch in many different programs. Took me probably a workload of 2 months over the past year. I anticipating only working on it for 1 month, but it got extremely challenging at some points and I kept on adding (: Enjoy! Many thanks to all of the nice comments on polycount giving me feedback and praise! I Appreciated it very much! Glad its done!

Dutch Virtual World Builders inspired by Moon build Sarang Base

Have you ever wanted to explore a space station ? Rachel Van Der Meer got in touch with Moon Director Duncan Jones and Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery recently to let them know that along with fellow students at the NHTV In Breda, Netherlands, she had built a virtual Moon base. A Moon base that can be entered, walked around, and interacted with 😀

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it ! ! !

Brave new world by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader

I’m very impress by the high quality of everything in this video, absolutely mind blowing 😀 Saw that on Epic 🙂