A tribute to Donkey Kong Country annoucement trailer

Do you remember the Donkey Kong Country game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the 90’s ? This game was a instant classic which I’ve played a lot in that time 😀

Well today, I’m much impress to discover that a high quality remix of this game as been completely remade by only 1 guy. Igor F. who worked on his free time during holidays and after his day job developed this game alone and made everything from scratch (modeling, texturing, animating, sounds, etc). Only the music isn’t made by him.

Of course, it took several years to complete and the game has been developed with UDK. To found out more about A tribute to Donkey Kong Country game, head over here 🙂 A tribute to Donkey Kong Country is a free, unofficial and fan-made game for PC. He will release on December 1st the first world of the game that will include 8 new levels!

The game is 13 000+ lines of code, 1 000+ game assets including 20+ characters with 120+ animations, 200+ 3D objects, 400+ textures, 30+ particles effects, 12 levels just to name few things…

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