Unreal Engine 3

The swamp by Andrew Maximov

I just enjoy everything this guy come up with, so much talent, incredible! Visit Andrew Maximov website for much more projects and you can leave your feedback at this Mapcore thread 🙂

Escape 2085 trailer

Just discover this little UDK project made by only few peoples and everything was made in 1.5 months working in their evenings, can you imagine! You can read more here. Enjoy 😀

Simon Pennington – Sea Defense environment

First Midgard and now this ! Sublime scene, enjoy 😀

Simon Pennington website.
Epic thread.

Delirium game trailer

Just saw this game trailer and I love it !! More at Delirium website and also on Facebook.

Swarm Protocol, official trailer

Damn it !!! Can you believe all this is made by only 3 dudes !?! They call themselves Team Raunchy (quite cool haha :)). So, another delicious trailer for the eyes 😀

From the team : “The final 2.5 minute trailer for our Senior Thesis Project: “SWARM PROTOCOL” – a game pitch/trailer created entirely by Team Raunchy (Mike Poe, Bryan Shannon, Thomas Trently) over the course of the last year at RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN. All assets designed, modeled, and textured by Team Raunchy utilizing Maya, zBrush, UDK, Photoshop and various other programs. Shot in real-time in UDK. Music edited and enhanced by Nick Poe. Original “Night Ambush” Theme from Killer Tracks.

To contact Team Raunchy ; Mike Poe (mpoe@ringling.edu), Bryan Shannon (bshannon@ringling.edu) and Thomas Trently (ttrently@ringling.edu).

Town square by Mehdi Aboutalebi

Except ‘mind blowing’, I dunno what to say, honestly !!! Visit Mehdi Aboutalebi website and you can also leave a comment at the Epic thread.

Industriality by Piotr Lewicki

Really like this small showcase 😀 More info at the Epic thread and the demo is also available here.

Overgrown environment by John Valenti

Last year, I’ve saw that project and was following this Epic thread. That project is, well, mind blowing to me 🙂 It is made by John Valenti, a environment artist. Clicking is name will lead you to his web page and you can find more of his other projects ! There are no video available so I post the pics only, enjoy 😀