So, how’s mapping Stevie?

Hey 😀

Simply put, I’m still making levels, for my own pleasure ofc since I love the game 🙂 My WIP level is called DM-Kyron GrP. It’s a old school style level base on DM-1on1-Roboto made by h0ok which belong in my long list of fav UT2004 levels. GrP. means Group.

The BSP from the original as been imported in the UT editor and I replaced all BSP brushes in the play area by static meshes. The basic geometry for the gameplay area is now done. Next step to do is the exterior of the play area and after adding details, work on lighting since it is the original one, add ambient sounds, VFX, etc. This little video shows my progress which is around 1 month of work.


  1. I want a baby from you! nah joking Im happy seeing you doing mapping for yourself. Now I have my new laptop awaiting to be repaired due overheatin’
    (:( an alieware one, I wanted to see how to “install” the ut4 besides my old versions (ut99, ut2003, 2k4. Ut3 can wait btw where is the announce from Epic to relaunch ut3? now its march, mother****)


  2. LOL

    Well, for UT4, follow the guides on UT4UU and it should be fine 🙂 For previous UTs, well, I can’t tell but according to discord users, you can still play the game online if you can install the older games. UT3X should be available shortly, indeed 🙂


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