DM-Alpu 2050 (WIP 2)

I manage to get rid of all BSP from WIP # 1 in DM-Alpu 2050 and for the first time, achieve a industrial theme by using a pack of sci-fi assets! Magic is in the materials and lighting 😀

Lighting quality is set at ‘preview’ mode, the cheapest look the editor use for a quick lighting build. Also, when I record a video, I must disable HDR in Windows. Don’t know if it’s a bug related to NVidia or Windows or both but anyway, the level look way better when I activate HDR 🙂

I have 2 problems I couldn’t solve, even if I asked for help on various Discord channels, none of the proposed solution could fix the issues which are :

1. 7 secs before the match and at the end of the match, the camera is doing a close-up to the player instead of showing it entirely.
2. There is a ‘stair effect’ when going down a ramp or stairs. Therefore, it goes smoothly when going up?!

I’m fine tuning the level at the moment and hopefully hope to fix those issues. In all case, the level look awesome and plays great so if I can’t fix those issues, to bad and I’ll release it anyway.

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