DM-Trivial available!

Good news, DM-Trivial is now available 😀

Therefore… it might be my last UT4 level folks 😮 I wanted to release it December 23th as my Christmas gift for all UT4 players but with the latest news about Epic turning off online services and servers for some older games including all UT’s, I decided to release it right now since it’s freshly cooked 🙂

I hope there will be a solution to continue playing UT4 and make level for it. UT4UU seem to be the way to go but it’s to early to see how it will turn out. There is a Discord channel. If I can continue making levels, I’ll do for sure. Or else, this is my last UT4 project, sadly 😦


  1. Please ask for Flay at to stay informed about what are planning all the ut communuty to hold this clusterfuck made by f***** Tim Sweeney (I dont forget this punch) and try to save the presence of these great games to keep alive and keep attracting new and old players.

    I hope ut4 got saved whatever is offline or descentralized online as well ut2k4 and ut99 I love this game and im depressed cos this dickiful decision. F*ck epic .(

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  2. THX for your support 😀

    No worries, I’ll follow the progress closely simply for the sake of continue playing all UT’s and specially creating my own levels for UT4 🙂


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