DM-CyberPunk released!

DM-CyberPunk is done and available to everyone 😀

UTCC upload limit is 500 MB. The file is 584 MB (quite small for what it contains), so everyone get the same file as my friends who played it. The file is stored on Mega servers but I add the level to UTCC so all my levels are listed there for those who follows me.


  1. Hello Steve. Sorry for the late reply, its flu season over this way…
    Just wanted to say thanks for the map. She is a little unconventional for DM but visuals are great. It gladdens me to see your exploring new territory in the editor.

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    1. Hi bud,

      Well, later is always better then never. I hope your going better now!

      I’m happy you came buy and like it 😀 Exploring a new theme is always cool and refreshing indeed.


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