DM-FutureMine, post # 2

This is a live demo which start with me fooling around and after a match against 5 skilled bots, recorded “on the go” just for fun to give players an idea of where I’m going with DM-FutureMine 🙂

Some areas are still in BSP with the default checkerboard material since I didn’t mesh those areas yet. Lighting, deco, etc., are all WIP ofc. The higher part of the level isn’t done neither, it is really rough. There will be rocks in the openings, maybe pipes, don’t know yet…

I play the game because I love it, but I’m not a good player at all as you can see but I don’t care LOL 😮 😀


  1. This latest map of you is already one of my favorites 🤩 Thanks for all your time and energy you put into it 👍


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