DM-Fondation, final available!

I’m very happy to share the final version of DM-Fondation 😀

Final changes, in no particular order :

  • Switched Shock Rifle and Rocket Launcher and their ammos. By design, the player standing on the Belt platform can be kill from the opposite of the map by a hitscan weapon. Only with those changes made, the gameplay is better, to my surprise 😮
  • Decreased the lift time near the Belt. From 0.7 to 0.65 so players can jump a bit higher without hitting their head on the ceiling blocking volume.
  • Adjusted few static meshes collisions here and there.
  • Adjusted blue and green light materials colors.
  • Corrected the English story.

A big THX to Achernar, ÐutchSmºke, Mac Apex, Mic and Wulfgar63 for their RC1 feedback 🙂


  1. Hey Steve I have to say I love the layout, very well put together. Game play is superb.

    Love playing duel matches, but that’s just me. But I can tell a more populated map will still excel in fun department. Meshing is unique and very pleasing to behold.

    Many thanks for sharing this baby =)

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