DM-Fondation, RC1 available!

I’m please to share the release candidate 1 of my new level, DM-Fondation (French title) 😀

RC1 mean that, for me, the level is practically 99% finished. I’m releasing a pre-final version only to make sure everything is well done, bug free, and polished before releasing the final in 2022 🙂

You want to make a suggestion? Much can be done in the pre-final phase. Even if I like the level the way it is, any good suggestion is welcome. Let me know! Post your comments here plz! I’m eager to read ya because once I’ll publish the final, except a major bug, I won’t touch it again. So this is the right time to share your opinion, it’s your way of contributing, making a possibly better final version 😉

This is my Christmas gift to you all! So, meeeeeeeery Christmas 😀


  1. Many Thanks Steve and a Merry Christmas to you too, although belatedly. The new meshes are great, but better than that its superb layout 🙂 I like it as a duel map to be honest.

    I have no real suggestions, meshes are great, layout is great, weapon placement is okay. Only thing is some corners you can get stuck, that’s only a problem from a competitive map stand point.

    Thanks again for blessing us.

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    1. Hi budd 🙂

      THX for late Christmas wishes. Better late than nothing!

      I love the mesh too. Funny, because for me it’s to big to play Duel. 4 players is my ideal on this level. So my next project will satisfy the dueler in you for sure because it focus on Duel 😀

      I would like you point me where you get stuck? Because all SM collisions are set to block all except players 😮 That is exactly why I release a RC1, to hunt any remaining stuff I didn’t see or forget 😉


  2. Forget Epic forums, they made it read only since weeks. You can send me email, just go in the about page 🙂

    The link ask me for access so you should have to authorize it. I already fix some collisions and will release RC2 in few days. Hopefully, the fix I’ve done will surely correct what you mention just earlier.


    1. It worked 🙂

      I’ve check the archive. But I don’t get your point. I mean, the light is already green, not white, you can see it from the halo / bloom? I’ll try to make the color more obvious but the middle of the light will stay bright for sure.

      All the places you point out have bv’s already and the meshes collisions are ok too. Unless you want to add some more bv’s? If so, it would be good for wall run but won’t be realistic or close to the geometry.


  3. Hi Steve!

    Im thinking in try again the ut4 thing and install on my hdd in my new rig.

    1) Are all the maps published to date (since ut4 were being developed, sad its dead) compatible with the laste version of the ut4 launcher?.

    2) I noticed ut forums (all series was closed, why?) is read only, nobody are publishing new contents, but seems people like you, still are doing stuff nowadays for ut4, where can I download all maps done till 2021?.

    3) I have installed ut99, ut2k3, ut2k4 and ut3 in a main folder and then every ut version on it. I like to have everything located in an only place at once so I can control where are all my stuff installed at. How could I install and redirect the default folder map and contents path to a place I want?

    Main folder called UtInstallments –>
    subfolder UnrealTournament
    subfolder UT2003
    subfolder UT2004
    subfolder UT3Black (<– this one by using only a path instead documents folders, with -nohomedir)
    subfolder UT4? (How can I do this like ut99/ut2kx?)

    4)Is there any link or is done the beloved Jailbreak mod for ut4? I cant find anything about this great mod.

    Thanks for your time Steve! I love all your ut3 and ut4 maps! I hope I can play again since Im retired for long time playing ut series 🙂


  4. Hello Erbil,

    You have a lot of questions!

    1. Ofc, all my levels are meant to be played with the latest version of UT4, always.

    2. Epic decided to close the UT4 forums, making it read only, why? no idea. But it was already pretty dead, sadly 😦 A part me and 2 – 3 others, no one publish something there since more than a year.

    3. For UT99, 200x, the added stuff goes under the game installation directory. For UT3, by default it work the same but content can be redirected under your document folder with the -nohomedir which you already know. UT4 is like the old games, content must be placed under the game installation. I too like to have everything well organized and all my UT games are installed on a SSD dedicated drive.

    4. All info about Jailbreak MOD I have will lead you here.

    I’m happy you like my levels. Plz, next time, if your comments isn’t related to the level itself, send me your comments by email instead 😉 Look at the ‘About’ page 🙂

    Happy new year too!!!!


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