DM-Fondation, post # 2

Progressing is going good on DM-Fondation.

It will be imho, my best level yet 😀 It’s not the first time I take inspiration from another level, even from my own previous made level lol but I must say that with all the enhancements I’ve made, gameplay is really awesome, much better than the original and with low level bots above that, which isn’t an easy task to achieve! It already look super nice and I’m not done yet. I upload a pic of the Shock area just to compare with the previous status 🙂


    1. Hey buddy 🙂

      THX for your kind comment, I appreciate 😀

      I’m working hard to make this level the best of mine, in all aspects. The least I can say is that I love where it goes!


  1. Wow sounds like a great map again 🙂
    The thing i like in your maps is that they are different each others, and the outstanding quality (visual and gameplay).

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    1. THX Sam 😀

      Indeed, I try to create something new each time I start a new level. I impose myself that challenge, I don’t know why lol. But in the final, when I look at all my levels, I’m pretty satisfied of what I could accomplish with that very old editor 🙂


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