DM-Fondation, my next level

After the release of DM-Dystopia. I started this new level.

As mentioned in my previous made post published in November, What’s next Stevie?, for those who did read the post but didn’t care about commenting it, briefly, I’ve said that I’ve bought several sci-fi packs and it cost me more than 200$.

I import all assets in UT4 editor but there is a bunch of problematic SM which some faces are flickering? Since I didn’t have any error while importing them, I have no idea what is the cause of this odd behavior, so I had to leave them aside. Damn frustrating when you pay for something and can’t even use it 😦

To start with, I inspired myself on another UT3 classic level, DM-Acquisition which received praise at the time made by ‘Slainchild’ or Ben ‘Scinbed’ Edney, author of DM-Backspace. Instead of importing the map by using a map scaler, I did play a lot the original, counting how long it take to travel from point “A” to point “B” by running, dodging, jumping and going back and forth many times. That mean the UT4 scale is 100% like the original.

There was little things I enhance like the liftjumps. In the original, bots didn’t make them at all. I’ve report that issue in the beta phase at the time but ‘Slainchild’ didn’t or couldn’t fix it in the final. Now, even low level bots use liftjumps 😀 I also add a bit more health so it’s more accurate to UT4 health system.

The post pic is the Shock Rifle room. Lighting is basic (there is few static point lights), shadows are dull and flat, the meshing is the bare minimum, post process isn’t activated neither. Eventually, the level will look up to my standard, as for now, it’s just to provide a basic look & feel of the level 🙂

I might start another series with those assets like I did with the Journey to Oblevia project, I don’t know yet.


  1. Hey Steve am waiting with excited anticipation =)

    From my UT3 days flickering meshes usually means those planes are occupying the same space, if that helps. Hopefully the dev can fix that. If you remember one of Nobiax packs had a similar issue and happily repaired the meshes.

    I like the method you used to scale to the original, should be very accurate to the authors intention.

    Looking forward to how it turns out, thank again =)

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    1. Hello buddy,

      Well, it’s not the same thing. It’s not about overlapping vertex on faces. The SM are fine with more recent version of UE4 than 4.15.0. It’s the editor importer who mess everything up, making the SM useless 😦 I already have that issue with other packs in the past and sadly, until the UT4 editor receive an update, there is nothing I can do about it. You understand my frustration now!

      It might work with a map scaler but I wanted to aboard the scaling another way. Beside, for me, UT3 levels are to complicated to export / import well in UT4 or else I would already had import my previous made levels 🙂

      I might release a first playable version this December. Time will tell.

      THX for showing your interest bud!


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