DM-Dystopia, new level

Now that DM-Oblevia, Part 2 final as been released, I’m taking a break from Oblivia assets. Therefore, I want to work on something new. I have to admit that it’s level design addiction!!!

I like to challenge myself, so each time I start a new level, each level must use a different theme, lighting scheme, colors, music, sounds effects, etc. When I reuse some stuff, I change the materials properties so it doesn’t look or sound exactly the same.

I started this new level called DM-Dystopia. For this level, I use a combination of 2 different assets packs since they’re both awesome BUT very limited in term of assets to use. So, this level use the Polar sci-fi facility pack for the interior (ceiling, floor, pipes and wall), also the IVFX Production test pack for the exterior (sci-fi debris, cliff and rocks), and this awesome 350 sci-fi alpha decal pack to add interesting and unique sci-fi decals all over the place 😀

Therefore, there is a size issue… both assets pack use mostly 8K, 4K textures rez. No wonder why the demo scenes look so detailed and sharp, which is what I like in a level. For UT, I had to lower the quality of all textures to at least 2K to reduce the cooked file. Even then, the file was way to big 😦 So I had to cut more on quality again… reducing a big bunch of textures to 1K rez. Even with all this compression, the file remain to big for my taste and I’m loosing a noticeable visual quality overall. I did that reduction process for all my levels and I honestly hate cutting down so much on visuals just to be able to share my level by uploading it on UTCC or any similar host with size limit.

Beside, for me, the file size is irrelevant. Since my first level, I cut the quality so I can share it with you. I do that so you can play more interesting and unique levels than the game offers. But what’s the point working on HQ levels for months to get nothing in return from you? Showing your appreciation is the only thing I’m asking you. Even that seem to be to much to ask! In the end, more than 95% of the players don’t care to simply post a comment, add their like or share the level I’m releasing! I receive few or no comments at all when I release a WIP level and almost none when I release the final version and that all platform reunited 😦 Only a bunch of players give me feedback and truly appreciate my levels. Brief, I’m not sure I’ll share this new level, or any new level since most of you had let me down since years by not providing any kind of feedback. For the few who support me by posting positive and constructive comments, like the articles, you’ll recognize yourself and you are the only reason why I did share my past levels.

I’ll create a page for this level if I decide to share it. For now, the pics is to give an idea of the overall color scheme and meshing style I’ll go for. Very bold colors for a change and mostly cliff and rocks assets for the layout.


  1. Hey Steve, I take it you have inspiration for a Martian environment with a run away green house effect? I really like the colour scheme with sci-fi assets…

    … I’ll let you write the story.

    Thanks for generously sharing your passion and skills with us dead beats.

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    1. Hey buddy 🙂

      I don’t have a story yet. I’m open to any suggestions 😉

      As far as my gameplay is going, it’s a fun and a pretty little map 😀

      Blocking volumes will be a pita for sure 😦


      1. Regarding blocking volumes… With those ICVX rock meshes you can always make LoDs for them and set them to use complex as simple collision and use the last LoD for collision. Then from there decide which instances it would be better to use blocking volumes for.

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        1. THX for the input. All the SM are already set as you mention (collisions and LODs). Therefore, I prefer to add BV’s so players can do some nice wall dodge, wall run, etc 🙂 I prefer fluid movement on walls rather than be stuck by SM collisions.


  2. Love this theme, the outdoor reminds me the game “red faction”.
    I like all the details.
    For me the size is not a problem, other than UTCC, you can upload it anywhere else.
    On the pictures, it’s sounds amazing 😀

    Just one thing, maybe increase a bit the indoor light, on my screen it appears a little too dark.

    Congratulations for this, i’m a huge fan of your works !

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    1. Hey Sam,

      In fact, uploading large file is somehow problematic because only few hosts support large files. I have some space left on my GoogleDrive so I’ll might to use it if I want to upload the level.

      Lighting is a WIP. Nothing is set until the final version is released 😉

      I’m happy to know I have 1 more fan 😀


      1. Yeah, NFO web sites for example throttle downloads on files over 200M and the bigger the file the more it gets throttled. It gets really slow for anything over about 500M and can take days for anything over 1GB (if it actually finishes downloaded and doesn’t just stop halfway through).

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        1. Ah, didn’t know that slowdown was intended because I download GB’s of files and don’t encounter that slowdown when it’s from Epic Marketplace or 3D assets sites But, thinking about it, I remember back in the UT3 days, the downloads was very slow from FilePlanet and such online hosts.


          1. Anyhow if you really want a non throttled site to host files on, a 2 core NFO VDS costs $9.99/mo with 200GB of storage and isn’t throttled… However you’ll have to set up your own file server on it.


  3. You lost me a bit here… for my info, what “2 core NFO VDS” mean?

    But in all case, I won’t give a dime from my pocket for hosting my levels for everyone to enjoy while almost everyone is too lazy to write a comment when I take the time to share something with them 😉 Players and the others content creators are already lucky to be able to play HQ levels freely and yet, they are to cheap and lazy to THX and support each others. The behavior of “me, myself and I” as kill the already small community, letting down content creator in the last years.

    The file as reach 700 MB now, and with compression. I don’t know if I’ll share it yet… It would be a shame to keep it just for me because it’s a awesome looking little level and is very fun to play. I might just upload it on my Google Drive like I did in the past before UTCC and share the link with those who are interested since I have worthy followers that really enjoy my levels. I’ll meditate on that lol.


  4. It does look sweeeet Steve! Awesome to see you playing ‘outside’ more.
    Something folks @Doom can learn a thing or two from this.😉
    So come On @Epic.. bring UT up to speed and help bring the 700 megs down some.
    Meanwhile.. Meditation does well indeed, especially for those of us on legacy drivers.🙂
    Keep It Up!!

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    1. Hey buddy, been a while 😀 I hope that it goes better now, including miss smoke 😛 😉

      Indeed, I needed to play outside a bit since Oblevia levels are all inside. And I wanted to use a style I didn’t use before, a mix of veeery bold colors. I don’t like that type of level habitually since they all look like cartoonish, teen like levels.

      It’s not my first sci-fi level, ofc, but this time, it’s bold, dirty, messy and I really like it 😀


  5. Better is the goal! It can’t be all bad all the time.😉

    Keep pushing that boundary mon! Highly interested to see how you’ll make my GPU cry again with your works.😛

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    1. Ha ha!!! 😁

      I decided to share the level finally 😊 I’ll release it this Friday.

      Your GPU should handle it well my dear Smoke, FPS are great on my end, always higher than 95 with everything at max with TAA.


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