DM-Oblevia, part 2, R1 ready!

After months of work, Part 2 is finally ready for everyone 😀

Meshing took me a long time. While it may look like a simple level overall, they are key areas where kitbashing is very complex. You might think that looking at a structure, it’s only 1 big static mesh but in fact, it is composed of many meshes.

This will be the only release before the final so for feedback, POST IT HERE PLZ 🙂


  1. Hey Steve, Big Thanks again for yet another great map =)

    Check your PM on Epic, there is some feedback I uploaded. Hope it helps.

    Peace out.

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    1. Hello bud 😀

      THX for your feedback m8 🙂

      I’ve look at all your suggestions. For gameplay, I wanted to be as much closer to the original as possible using this set of SM. Wall run and wall jump is doable in all section of the map but not to land on the RL crates from the 3 vials. The translocator is needed to collect the UDamage and the armor above the small ship, no need to do rocket jump. The armor above the ship is an addition from the original and you must work a bit to collect it, jumping from the crates to the plane is to easy and beside, it wouldn’t respect the space / height between the crates and the ship (which replace the vehicle). I want players to be expose a bit before taking it and this as proven to add some adrenaline in matches, it bring more fun that way. Enable the translocator before starting a match 😉

      I hear you about the Enforcer pickup, again, I’m staying as close as possible to the original. I would had like to add the Grenade Launcher too and even the Lighting gun since I like them very much but, naaa, I wanted to limit myself to the original.

      For effects, a warning for the Redeemer spawning would be a good idea. Still, have no idea how to do that in BP 😦 While at it, it would be cool for the UDamage spawning too. I’ll look into that.

      As for visuals, I don’t see the point of lighting more the Windows in the hangar where you can see the redeemer behind the glass, sorry.

      The final version will have a much better lighting 😀

      I’ll check the player starts since the actual ones are almost at the same location as the original map. I mean that I even put them closer to a weapon base.

      Next time, you can go in the “About” section and send me an email from there so I’ll receive it at Gmail 😉


  2. Hi !

    Thanks for the release of the map, outstanding map, as i espected!
    I tested this week end, and I was going to ask how to pick up the UTdamage, and i just saw the answer.

    I’m not a huge fan of the translocator, but i understand your final purpose to respect the original map.

    For the shield on the ship, it is possible to collect it without the translocator with a perfect timing jump, but it’s very difficult.

    other than that it’s a great map where I had a lot of fun! I think it will be one of my favorite map 🙂

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    1. Hey 🙂

      THX for giving me your feedback! Well, it’s very cool to read your comments and for the records, the final will look even better 😀 I’ll release October first.

      Have fun!!!


  3. i really liked the doors sounds, ui panels, meshing composition and box loading animations, main critic would be the small size of the doors trigger and the arrow near the linkgun that for some reason made me think there’s a door in the wall!

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