DM-Oblevia, part 2 post # 3, progress

I’m in vacation since few weeks so I took a break from mapping. I restarted mapping yesterday. Oblevia, part 2 progress is going slowly but surely.

Just to give my readers an idea of how details are important, this plane is a good example. I took few hours to add several blocking volume that is way more closer to the mesh geometry so in case you translocate on the plane you won’t be 3 feet above it like it’s the case with the default collision 🙂

Plane geometry :

Plane default collision :

Plane with several blocking volume :

The actual layout state. I’m very proud that geometry is as the original 😀 Before releasing R1, the areas to finish are the Redeemer and the Shock.

Don’t loss faith, you’ll play it, someday.


    1. Hello bud, good day to you too 😀

      Deserve me, I don’t get it? You don’t play the game anymore? Or you mean I shouldn’t bother to share my maps with you all? I’m confuse here…

      I doubt UT4 will get any “blood” from Epic since UE5 is coming. If Epic want to work on a UT, they will surely restart the game with the new engine. There is no sense of working with an outdated engine.

      I really miss your feedback, our talk m8, been a long time I didn’t read ya 🙂


  1. Hey Steve, I mean your generosity, your skill and your dedication aren’t valued for what they are worth.

    Yeah if they do reboot the series it will have to be with the latest engine. Epic’s focus of the engine has shifted to other flag ship games other than UT. We just have to hold on to the faith that they still call their engine ‘Unreal’ so they will return (eventually) to their roots in UT.

    Yeah m8 I’m still here, it always gladdens my heart to see your next creation.

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    1. Haaaa,

      Indeed my friend, my blog, my works, my time, isn’t valued at all. Absolutely “0” from the world 😦 That is why I love to read my readers comments because it is the only thing concrete I get in return of all my devotion 🙂

      Happy to know your still playing UT and keep enjoying my maps 😀

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  2. Hi,

    I’m still here too, and follow your work regularly.
    i’m agree with alphaeridani, you’re work is outstanding, especially your last maps : I can see your work improving over time.

    Sadly, epic abandoned their game and left most of the community with no alternatives, while the biggest fans stuck to the very early game (UT99 and others).

    UT4 is an excellent game, but deserved to receive a good polish, especially on the balance of the weapons, and more gameplay.

    Despite this, thanks to your work I continue to have fun and enjoy this game 🙂

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