DM-Oblevia, part 2 post # 2, your opinion is needed

Dev of Oblevia, part 2 is going slowly, but at least I’m progressing. I’m playing around with lighting and Post Process settings and I need your opinion about colors saturation 🙂

I took pics and I need to know which of those pics you like the most. Pic 1, 2 or 3 :

1. Saturation = none

2. Saturation = 0.8

3. Saturation = 0.6

No saturation is what is the closest to UT99 colors was but I’m not sure for UT4… The original is also extremely bright, which I don’t intent to reproduce. I’m looking for way more contrast.

Your opinion is important, so plz, don’t hesitate to share it so I can make a better looking level 😀


    1. Good. Thanks 😀

      I vote for # 1 🙂

      Would you give me your Epic username, so I could send you a friend request to add you to my friends list in the Epic Launcher?


  1. Hey Stevelois!
    The 1st one. I’d go for a more consistent blue-ish overall tone with red, white lighting to be there for a bit balance. To me, the saturation of the 1st is good, except the left blue stairs might be a bit too much, so it could be overall there is the blue tone everywhere but less saturated, because it is everywhere (not literally though), you still feel it is quite saturated

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  2. Hey Chong 😀

    THX, so 3 votes for # 1 🙂

    Not sure if I understand well… it’s already bluish overall with blue / red / green on smaller areas. You mean the stairs for example are too bluish?


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