DM-Sarr available!

Exactly 1 month after the final release of Qu0 (this is a pure coincidence), I present you DM-Sarr 😀

This is the first and final version. So, unless a major bug, issue I didn’t found, this is the final one.

PS: Most valuable items (armor & powerup) are in the center of the level. Except the belt that is located in a corner of the level but is exposed to Grenade Launcher, Shock & Sniper rifle. This design is forcing players to go around the map to collect the items 🙂

NO, you can’t use the translocator to translocate in the mid field or other platforms in the center of the level, thinking you can collect the UDamage + 100 + 50 armor + hitscan ammo in few seconds. This would result in lazy camping players that would dominate the level all the time, ending in boring, dull, unfair gameplay. In short, move your ass 😛

Have fun! For feedback, you can post here or at DM-Sarr page, your choice 😉


  1. My buddy DSmoke as discover an issue. I have upload a fixed version. So grab it if you download the file before 7 PM today and replace the earlier one.


  2. It’s a DM map, why are you worried about TL? Also dominating all the pickups isn’t “lazy camping”.


    1. Well, many friends use the TL in Duel / DM / TDM and they are able to go outside the play area, which I don’t want 😉 I always do my best so gameplay stay in the playground.

      There is a huge difference between dominating a level based on skills and taking advantage by exploiting a level in the detriment of skills.

      If a players collect all valuable items in few seconds, there is nothing worthy for others. No competition, no motivation, no risk, no reward.

      I saw that often. For example, by the time spawning players tried to collect armor and or powerups, they’re killed by the camping players who’s to lazy to move without translocator. Why? Because the player who know the map just translocate, collect worthy items in few secs, camp and shoot with hitscan weapons (LG, Link, Minigun, Shock, Sniper) while staying near health pickups. So yes, it bring boring, dull, unfair gameplay and this is cause by those lazy players who just collect everything worthy and camp / shoot. I hope it’s more clear (damn English, you should write in French lol).


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